SayHiLi’s Massive FREE Jai-Alai Program Give-Away!! HERE IT IS – HURRY!!

Magic City Jai-Alai programs are being offered for FREE to Magic City Jai-Alai fans, but there is one small catch, you need to make a total $10 donation to cover the approximate $5 first-class USPS shipping cost plus the $5 cost for an additional very nice approx. 50-yo Daytona or Orlando Jai-Alai program – see details further down in this offer.

These Magic City program are full-size MINT unused programs from 2021 and 2022 (programs are 8.5”w x 11”h) featuring the 8-games of pari-mutuel wagering. There is a limited supply; have (35) total of these, (11) from 2021 and (24) from 2022.  Each program comes in a new plastic comic book package with board to preserve it for your Magic City Jai-Alai memorabilia collection. Here’s your chance to get a piece of amazing Magic City Jai-Alai memorabilia if you’ve been unable to visit the fronton in-person!  Below are the photos of the 2021 and 2022 program covers with program enclosed in plastic comic packaging.  Note the 2022 program covers call it “Pelota.” Note there are light reflections in photos due to the plastic packaging.

2021 Magic City Program
2022 Magic City Program

Why are we doing this?

SayHiLi has been in operation supporting the Magic City venue for 3-years now and the start-up cost along with yearly fees have been well over $1,000 not including all the time invested to maintain the site with up-to-date and accurate information.  SayHiLi just paid Go-Daddy over $200 to keep the site going for the 4th year (2023).

So Here’s the Deal and more details:  $10 total for Free Magic City Program plus Another Program, Shipping is included

A FREE Magic City 2021 or 2022 Program, You pay the approx $5 first-class USPS shipping cost.

We will include another program in your order for an additional $5, so you only pay $10 total and get the Magic City program plus one of these below and shipping is included in the total $10 donation:

  • Daytona Jai-Alai program: 1969, 70, or 71, have total of (29), 7”w x 10”h
  • Orlando Jai-Alai program:  70/71, 72/73, 73/74, 74/75 season, have total of (6), 7”w x 10”h

Note the Daytona and Orlando programs were all owned by the same central Florida Jai-Alai fan who wrote the results and payoffs in the program for each of the games.  All have nice covers and no writing on the covers, so they make a nice item to frame for your wall.  Below are photos of representative Daytona and Orlando programs inside a new plastic comic book package with board to preserve it for your Jai-Alai memorabilia collection.

Daytona Jai-Alai Program
Orlando Jai-Alai Program

Here’s a FREE BONUS for acting quickly on your $10 order (first 6 to send us an email):

Now, if you act quickly, you might be one of the first (6) responders who gets a FREE Mint 2022 Battle at the Palace Spring Tournament Program from 4/1 – 4/10/2022 at the Dania Beach Casino.  These are color programs inside and measure approx. 6.5″w x 10″h. A very limited supply on these so don’t delay if you want one included in your order!  Below is a Battle at the Palace program in a comic book package.

Dania Battle at the Palace Program

Here are the rest of the details (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):

Note that before proceeding, please be advised that the $10 payment MUST be made using PayPal only (no exceptions).

If you are able to pay via PayPal, here’s how to proceed with your order:

  1. FIRST, Email your First and Last Name along with Mailing Address to our email address:
  2. ALSO, in this Email to sayhili, it’s very important you specify your order of preference for the Two Programs:
  3. Magic City Program:  2021 or 2022
  4. Additional Program:  Daytona or Orlando

NOTE:  SayHiLi cannot guarantee you will receive your top order of preference, but we will do our best to accommodate your preference.  The earlier you respond, the better, plus that shot at a Dania Battle at the Palace program too.

SayHiLi will respond to your Email and provide you with a DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS to use for making the $10 PayPal payment.  So PLEASE DO NOT make PayPal payments to as that will NOT work and we are not responsible!!

Additional Notes (Please read these):

  • We will be checking the email address once a day after 10-pm EST to check for responses and we will be emailing you back with the correct Email address for the $10 PayPal payment.
  • You MUST use the PayPal “Friends and Family” feature so we don’t have to pay any PayPal transactions costs and you won’t either.
  • We will only be making trips to the USPS office once a week so you could encounter delayed shipping for your items.
  • There are No Returns for items in your $10 donation, but you will be pleased with what you get for $10
  • Limit of (2) offers per customer, $20 total payment and we will use a Priority Mail Envelope for shipping both offers together, however, only (1) Battle at the Palace program will be included even if you qualify for (2).
  • Offer is only good for USA lower 48.

SayHiLi site wishes to extend a GIANT THANKS to Magic City’s Andrew Blechman and SayHiLi Battle Court Blogger Jabracadabra (aka Joel A, aka Mo Crank in the YouTube chat) for providing these Magic City programs and making this possible!

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