FREE Expert Best Bet Picks for Magic City Jai-Alai

Check below for one FREE Expert Best Bet Jai-alai Pick for each Magic City Jai-alai performance! The Best Bet Picks shown are exclusively focused on early and late singles games 1,2,8,9. These expert picks are provided to me by Steve M, a long-time Jai-alai fan and leading expert on Jai-alai systems and winning strategies. I’ve noticed that Steve’s picks almost always focus on strong players in the lucrative post positions (posts 1,2,3,8). Thanks for sharing these Steve! Susie

The Best Bet Pick could change after scratches are known before game 1 starts, so watch for early scratches that could impact these picks. The sidebar on the right side of this page and on the homepage shows the scratches that are typically listed approximately 30-minutes before game 1 of each performance.

There will be no changes to the Best Bet (BB) Pick after the performance starts, even if late scratches should occur during the performance. Be sure to listen to Magic City announcers for late scratches during a performance as they could be a significant impact to your wagers and/or these picks. Note: Typically any scratches that occur during a performance are not updated on this site during the performance.

FREE BB Pick History from 5/28 – 9/6/2020:

(83) Picks:  (28)-1st, (19)-2nd, (10)-3rd

Summary of BB Pick History: 33.7% Wins and 68.7% ITM for these 83-Picks

A new and final round of FREE BB Picks starting with Week 21 on 9/24 (shown below):

Last (36) Picks:  (14)-1st, (7)-2nd, (2)-3rd

Summary of last 6-weeks of BB Pick History: 38.9% Wins and 61.1% ITM for these 36-Picks

Note: Please check name of player under Game Handicap Comments to confirm no BB # typos, thx! Not responsible for errors.

DatePerf (EST)Ga #BB#Game Handicap CommentsGame Result
Note: Free Selections are no longer offered for the rest of the 2020 Magic City Jai-Alai Season
11/01Noon3#1El Barba best shot to gain ground in Singles Championship
10/314-pm4#1Bueno needs win to hold 3rd in Singles Championship, $5k at stake for 3rd4-8-3
10/304-pm1#3Could be another El Barba win here3-4-7, Won
10/30Noon9#2Hard to stop Douglas here6-2-4-1, 2nd (lost GP)
10/294-pm2#2El Barba top form expected to continue2-6-4, Won
10/29Noon8#2RonRon in a great spot2-3-7, Won
10/25Noon2#8El Barba at top form recent weeks7-4-2
10/244-pm2#2Jeden should benefit from great post2-3-1, Won
10/234-pm9#1Lucrative post for RonRon this game1-2-7-4, Won
10/23Noon8#3Look for Douglas to prevail6-3-2, 2nd
10/224-pm1#8Great spot for El Barba win4-7-3
10/22Noon1#1Use Bueno sub here for Fred (if Bueno the sub)1-5-4, Won
10/18Noon9#2Douglas here to finish the week1-4-2-8, 3rd
10/174-pm2#8Jeden’s chance to shine1-3-2
10/164-pm1#3El Barba in a good spot this game5-4-2
10/16Noon9#1RonRon in lucrative 1-post here8-1-3-5, 2nd
10/154-pm2#8El Barba in earlies always a threat4-7-1
10/15Noon1#1Vuelo the one to watch7-3-4
10/11Noon2#8El Barba could run perfect game here2-6-4
10/104-pm8#2Douglas no excuse here3-7-4
10/094-pm8#8Douglas in lucrative 8-post here8-2-7, Won, ran PG
10/09Noon1#8Watch for El Barba possible perfect game (PG)4-8-3, lost PG, 2nd
10/084-pm8#1RonRon draws great post this game4-1-7, 2nd
10/08Noon1#1El Barba hot streak continues1-7-3, Won
10/04Noon9#2Douglas hot this week2-5-1-8, Won
10/034-pm1#8El Barba in the hunt for Golden Cesta Award8-1-6, Won
10/024-pm9#3RonRon off to good start this week3-1-7-6, RonRon won
10/02Noon1#3El Barba dominating early games3-1-7, Won, perfect game
10/014-pm9#2RonRon luck of the draw should produce2-1-3-7, Won
10/01Noon8#1Douglas draws top spot here7-5-3
09/27Noon2#8Ben’s game to lose from lucrative post 83-8-2, 2nd
09/264-pm2#1Ben on his game, even beating the best!7-2-1, 3rd, lost GP
09/254-pm9#1Douglas playing great singles this week1-7-2-3, Won
09/25Noon9#1RonRon well positioned here7-1-8-5, 2nd
09/244-pm2#3Look for Ben to strike from this low post6-2-4
09/24Noon8#1Prime spot for RonRon here2-7-4 is not responsible for errors or omissions

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