Magic City 18-Picks Contest

New Contest Starting Sept. 11, 2021

Dear Fantasy Jai-Alai Participant,

You are invited to join the new Fantasy Jai-Alai league for the second half of the 2021 season! Please click on this link to be taken to the new fantasy league homepage where you can select your desired teams for this upcoming week of Jai-Alai H2H for the chance to win a cash prize!

For those who have participated previously, the structure and basic format of the game are now different. The biggest change is that the fantasy contest will relate to Magic City’s newest innovation in gameplay: Jai-Alai H2H. The rules of play for this new fantasy competition are as follows: 


• Select the winners of ALL 18 H2H matches played each week (6 total singles matches, 12 total doubles matches) 

• You will receive 1 point for each correct selection 

• You will receive 0 points for an incorrect selection 

• The weekly winner is determined by the total number of points collected by the end of an official week of play. The team with the highest point total, at the end of an active week, WINS the weekly prize ($100). If you correctly select the winners of ALL the matches played in a given week, you will earn $500. If multiple teams share the highest point total, then the weekly prize is split evenly among all of the winning teams. 

• You must submit your drafted team by 4:59 PM ET every Saturday (before the first H2H match of the week) to be valid. 

• The matches will change each week, so you MUST make new selections every week 


As of Sep. 11, 2021 – the weekly prize is $100 to a single weekly winner. If you correctly select the winners of ALL the H2H matches in a given week, you will receive $500, instead of the usual $100. If there is more than 1 winner in the same week, then the prize money from that week will be divided by the number of winning teams (minimum $25 guarantee). 

You have one week from the time you receive the confirmation email for your Fantasy Jai-Alai victory to respond with your contact information. If you fail to submit the requested information in that time, you will FORFEIT your winnings. 

*Please do not create multiple team accounts. Anyone found to be managing more than one fantasy team in the league will effectively forfeit his/her weekly prize and potentially face disqualification from the league.*


In the event a player/team has to forfeit BEFORE the match begins, every participant WILL receive points, regardless of the team you actually selected. 

However, if the match begins and a player/team is forced to forfeit/retire DURING PLAY, a winning team will be declared and scored as such. 

A “NO CONTEST” will be ruled when both players and/or teams cannot play as scheduled. In this case, NOBODY will receive any points. 


The matches and all player stats are updated EVERY SINGLE WEEK. 

You will receive an official email every Wednesday (unless otherwise noted) to confirm that you may begin making your selections for the upcoming week of H2H action. 

You must submit new selections every week to earn points. 

You must submit all of your selections through the fantasy game website by 4:59 PM ET every Saturday (before the first H2H performance of the week) to be valid and eligible for the prizes. 

Jai-Alai H2H matches will take place every Saturday, Monday and Tuesday @ 5 PM ET, through the end of November (three (3) total H2H performances per week). 

To watch all live performances and stay up to date on your fantasy team visit or download the Jai-Alai app on your Apple and/or Android devices, Fire TV or Roku.

Thank you to everyone who played in previous seasons. We could not be more excited to kick off this new H2H fantasy competition this week!

Good luck, 

Andrew BlechmanProducer 

Copyright 2020