“Faster than Lightning”



It’s Jai-Alai – just say “Hi-Li” and you’ve correctly pronounced the name of the World’s Fastest and Most Sensational Sport, and the more exciting action-packed, faster short-court version of this game is being played at Magic City Casino & Jai-Alai in Miami, Florida. You can even enjoy watching and wagering on Magic City Jai-alai from the comfort of your own home! Magic City Jai-Alai features 9-Jai-Alai games a performance with each exciting game lasting about 10-20 minutes each. Games for 2021 at Magic City Jai-Alai resumed on February 6th for a extra 10-week meet through April 12 with 3-performances a week on Saturday through Monday before the regular season meet from May 1 through Nov 30 with 6-performances each week on Saturday through Tuesday.

Welcome to SayHiLi.com, the Total Package Jai-Alai Website with info about the game of Jai-Alai, rules, terminology, odds, Jai-Alai wager types with examples, Jackpot carryovers, takeout rates and even Jai-Alai wagering systems. Find season schedules and where to wager on Magic City Jai-Alai in-person or from your mobile device or online from the comfort of your home (check out the Watch & Wager website). We offer early Magic City Jai-alai scratch information when possible. View Magic City Jai-Alai Injury Reports and Jai-Alai Scratch History which are updated daily. This website specializes in the Magic City Jai-Alai short-court entertainment experience and how to make the most of it.

Why has Magic City short-court Jai-Alai rapidly become so popular with fans?

  • a faster paced Jai-Alai game than “traditional” US Jai-alai, more physically challenging, requires the next level of athletic ability, quicker reactions needed for playing rebotes (shots off the back wall) than longer courts
  • short-court Jai-Alai is much better suited for the highly popular and more physically demanding singles games
  • more singles games offered than competitors, singles are the preference of Jai-Alai handicappers
  • great mix of mostly top US athletes from other sports trained to play the professional sport of Jai-Alai, a US Jai-Alai program only just started in January of 2018 and continually developing, talents are improving and players continue to wow the fans
  • showcases some former professional athletes from NFL & MLB and many top college athletes, including many local University of Miami athletes
  • better for the fans – watch in HD on YouTube “The Jai-Alai Channel” and FREE weekly fantasy Jai-Alai league & cash prizes
  • better for the bettors – full transparency, 5% lower takeout rates on Pick 3’s than competitor, several BIG JACKPOT WAGERS with $2k and $4k guarantees (competition has none), easy to wager from home or on the go
  • the same Spectacular 7 and Spectacular 9 rules are in use as in “traditional” US Jai-Alai
  • first class top of the line “The Sports Club” at Magic City for viewing & wagering Jai-Alai (and other pari-mutuel simulcast events), great food options, walk-around bet-takers, has expanded capacity and giant screen TVs
  • drive-thru betting option is available
  • informative videos for new fans plus weekly recap videos with weekly highlights including best shots on The Jai-Alai Channel
  • watch all past performances since 2018 in HD on YouTube “The Jai-Alai Channel”
  • highly dedicated, young and energetic Executive Producer & Producer team for The Jai-Alai Channel
  • top announcing team of ambassadors for Jai-Alai with new style of announcing, lively banter, informative, transparent, educational & highly entertaining, not like the traditional announcing from the past or current competitors
  • superb highly experienced management that truly cares about saving a sport that’s been fading from the American landscape
  • advertising and promotions abound, the drive for continual improvement impresses the growing fan base
  • social media presence on Facebook and Instagram
  • expanding schedule with even 10-more weeks of Jai-Alai in 2021!
  • now showing H2H (head-to-head) matches at 10 am on Monday and Tuesday on The Jai-Alai Channel – WOW!

SayHiLi.com applauds Magic City management and support staff for their innovative thinking in providing fans with this exciting entertainment option and promoting this action-packed short-court version of the sport of Jai-Alai! Their insight and focused dedication on keeping a version of this great sport alive in Miami, Florida where it was adopted in the USA nearly 100-years ago is to be commended! Stu Neiman’s own words summarize Magic City Jai-Alai’s unique short-court Jai-Alai option quite nicely, “At Magic City we’re just working on creating the most entertaining short-court Jai-Alai experience possible.”

Fantasy Jai-Alai for Magic City! Check under “Other Links” for details on how to join this FREE weekly Magic City Jai-Alai Fantasy League. Sign-up before the first performance any week to join the fantasy jai-Alai league to win weekly cash prizes. A very special thanks to Andrew, Lindsay and Magic City Jai-alai for providing this great Jai-Alai fan participation opportunity that was a huge success in 2020! This contests offers a weekly cash prize of $100 for first place and can grow depending on the number of active participants for the week. Get your friends and family signed up soon! Who can say no to the chance for free money, only at Magic City Jai-Alai, with exciting Jai-Alai action 3 to 4-days a week!

FREE subscription to the Jai-Alai Channel where you can watch Live Jai-Alai games in HD for FREE and view interesting videos such as the Rebote Recap! You don’t have to bet on Jai-alai games to enjoy them. Check out the Magic City Hustle trailer and movie too! The Magic City Hustle is an interesting documentary that’s great family entertainment and showcases how Jai-alai development program started at Magic City Casino along with personalities of the people involved….a MUST SEE for all Jai-Alai fans! The movie cost is only $5 and you can watch it as many times as you want!

A new bet was added to the Magic City Jai-Alai wagering menu in 2020, the Mighty Ocho, which is a $1 Pick 8 jackpot wager with the Jackpot paid out to a single winner. The Mighty Ocho works just like the highly popular $1 Jai-5 wager that started during the 2019 season at Magic City Jai-Alai. The Mighty Ocho now has a new $4,000 guarantee to a single ticket holder with 8 of 8 winners! Only a few Jai-Alai facilities have ever offered a wager this challenging and you could make Jai-Alai history by being the first bettor to ever hit 8 of 8 winners! Several times there have been winners with 7 of 8 correct winners so bettors have come close to succeeding. The record payoff for the Mighty Ocho was $4,873 to a ticket holder with 5 of 8 winners for a mandatory payout (aka force-out). Try the $1 Pick 3 wager with the lowest takeout rate (20%) for any currently operating Jai-Alai. Magic City currently has two Pick 3’s starting in game 4 and game 7. Be sure to play the Jai-ly popular $1 Jai-5 jackpot wager which starts in game 3 and pays $2,000 minimum if you are the only winner with 5 of 5. The record payoff for the $1 Jai-5 is $12,220 and this wager also features the low 20% takeout rate. There have been numerous Jai-5 jackpots paid out to a single ticket holder since the beginning of this popular wager (88 single jackpot winners to-date through the end of the 2020 season).

The 2020 U.S. National Jai-alai Championship was held on December 5 & 6 at Miami’s Magic City Casino & Jai-Alai and paid out $20,000 in prize money during this prestigious event that was broadcast live on the JAC (The Jai-Alai Channel). Check the blog posts for details including the matches and scores for this first ever U.S. National Jai-Alai Championship. Contestants had to be U.S. citizens and included professional players from all active U.S. Jai-Alai frontons and some of the best amateurs from around the country The 2021 tournament dates are August 27 – 29. Jai-Alai fans won’t want to miss this on the JAC.

SayHiLi.com promotes collecting Jai-Alai programs, memorabilia and art work. Be sure to check out the website pages with photos of examples of some popular collectible Jai-Alai programs, memorabilia and awesome one-of-a-kind Jai-Alai colored pencil artwork under “Other Links.” You will also find important tips for beginners on collecting memorabilia. Take a look at the program cover photos from the hard-to-find Orlando Jai-Alai programs from 1962 through mid-1980 thanks to the famous Jai-Alai program collector Mark Kaminsky.

SayHiLi.com shows a summary History of Jai-Alai Frontons in the U.S. along with more about the fascinating history of Magic City Casino & Jai-Alai which began as West Flagler Kennel Club in the early 1900’s. SayHiLi.com currently showcases some old Jai-Alai program and fronton photos from the U.S. from the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Last but certainly not least, be sure to look under Other Links for Famous Women in Jai-Alai which shows a program cover page and game page photos from a Tijuana, Mexico Jai-Alai program from the late 1950’s era when only women competed against each other in the first six Jai-Alai games of the (17) game performance. On that web page you can also find a link to a news article on the first U.S. female professional Jai-Alai player, Becky Smith who plays at Calder Jai-Alai as “La Primera” and a photo and some history on the famous Katherine Hines.

Just Say “Hi-Li” and you’ve correctly pronounced the name of the World’s Fastest and Most Sensational Sport called Jai-Alai and you can Bet on It! Bookmark this site to your favorites and check back often for new info!

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