“Faster than Lightning”



It’s Jai-Alai – just say “Hi-Li” and you’ve correctly pronounced the name of the World’s Fastest and Most Sensational Sport, and the more exciting action-packed, faster short-court version of this game is being played at Magic City Casino & Jai-Alai in Miami, Florida. You can even enjoy watching and wagering on Magic City Jai-alai from the comfort of your own home! Magic City Jai-Alai features (8) Jai-Alai games a performance with each exciting game lasting about 10-20 minutes each.

Welcome to SayHiLi.com, the Total Package Jai-Alai Website with info about the game of Jai-Alai, rules, terminology, odds, Jai-Alai wager types with examples, Jackpot carryovers, takeout rates and even Jai-Alai wagering systems. Find season schedules and where to wager on Magic City Jai-Alai in-person or from your mobile device or online from the comfort of your home (check out the Watch & Wager website). View Magic City Jai-Alai Injury Reports and Jai-Alai Scratch History. This website specializes in the Magic City Jai-Alai short-court entertainment experience and how to make the most of it.

Why has Magic City short-court Jai-Alai rapidly become so popular with fans?

  • a faster paced Jai-Alai game than “traditional” US Jai-alai, quicker reactions needed for playing short-court Jai-Alai – Magic City features the best short-court Jai-Alai players in the USA!
  • great mix of mostly top US athletes from other sports trained to play the professional sport of Jai-Alai, a US Jai-Alai program only just started in January of 2018 and continually developing, talents are improving and players continue to wow the fans
  • showcases some former professional athletes from NFL & MLB and many top college athletes, including many local University of Miami athletes
  • watch Pari-Mutuel games in HD for FREE on YouTube “The Jai-Alai Channel” and watch the exciting H2H games on “The Jai-Alai Network”
  • FREE weekly contests for fans with cash prizes
  • better for the bettors – full transparency, low takeout rates on Daily Doubles, Pick 3’s, several BIG JACKPOT WAGERS with $2k and $5k guarantees, easy to wager from home or on the go
  • first class top of the line “The Sports Club” at Magic City for viewing & wagering Jai-Alai (and other pari-mutuel simulcast events), great food options, walk-around bet-takers, expanded capacity and giant screen TVs, FREE rewards program!
  • informative videos for new fans including exciting highlights footage on The Jai-Alai Channel
  • watch all past performances since Magic City Jai-Alai began in 2018, all in HD on YouTube “The Jai-Alai Channel”
  • highly dedicated, young and energetic Executive Producer & Producer team for The Jai-Alai Channel
  • top announcing team of ambassadors for Jai-Alai with new style of announcing (Stu and Andrew), lively banter, informative, transparent, educational & highly entertaining, this is not at all like the old-school announcing from the past
  • superb highly experienced management truly cares about saving a sport that’s been fading from the American landscape
  • advertising and promotions galore, the drive for continual improvement impresses the rapidly growing fan base
  • social media presence on Facebook and Instagram
  • featuring H2H (head-to-head) matches three days a week, both doubles and singles, with HUGE prize money – WOW!! Watch H2H live on The Jai-Alai Network or watch later at your convenience. Attend Saturday H2H Singles at 5-pm at Magic City for live viewing!
  • NEW weekly 18-Picks contest for H2H games started September 11th. Contestants selecting the most winners split $100. This starts after the 2021 USNJAC and replaces the pari-mutuel games Fantasy contest. Play from home on this 18-Picks contest.
  • NEW – casino and sports book betting on Magic City Jai-Alai H2H games in Iowa & Illinois with more states to come!! Go to BetRivers.com. Check out the other special sports betting options on Magic City Jai-Alai pari-mutuel games through PrizePicks.com.

SayHiLi.com applauds Magic City management and support staff for their innovative thinking in providing fans with this exciting entertainment option and promoting this action-packed short-court version of the sport of Jai-Alai! Their insight and focused dedication on keeping a version of this great sport alive in Miami, Florida where it was adopted in the USA nearly 100-years ago is to be commended! Stu Neiman’s own words summarize Magic City Jai-Alai’s unique short-court Jai-Alai option quite nicely, “At Magic City we’re just working on creating the most entertaining short-court Jai-Alai experience possible.”

New Contest called 18-Picks started September 11, 2021. Check under “Other Links” for details on how to join this FREE weekly Magic City Jai-Alai H2H Contest. This requires all participants to sign-up (must re-enter if a previous fantasy league contestant). Sign-up before Saturday any week to join the new contest to win weekly cash prizes. A very special thanks to Andrew, Lindsay and Magic City Jai-alai for continuing to offer great Jai-Alai fan participation opportunities! This contests offers a weekly cash prize of $100 for first place and chance for as much as $500 if you pick all 18-winners. Get your friends and family signed up soon! Who can say no to the chance for FREE MONEY, only at Magic City Jai-Alai, with exciting short-court Jai-Alai action!

FREE subscription to the Jai-Alai Channel where you can watch Live pari-mutuel Jai-Alai games in HD for FREE! As Magic City ambassador Stu Neiman says “You don’t have to bet on Jai-alai games to enjoy them.” Check out the Magic City Hustle trailer and movie too! The Magic City Hustle is a great documentary that’s superb family entertainment and showcases how Jai-alai development program started at Magic City Casino along with personalities of the people involved….a MUST SEE! The movie cost is only $5 and you can watch it as many times as you want!

WIN BIG JACKPOTS AT MAGIC CITY JAI-ALAI! A new bet was added to the Magic City Jai-Alai wagering menu in 2020, the Mighty Ocho, which is a $1 Pick 8 jackpot wager with the Jackpot paid out to a single winner. The Mighty Ocho works just like the highly popular $1 Jai-5 wager that started during the 2019 season at Magic City Jai-Alai. The Mighty Ocho now has a new $5,000 guarantee to a single ticket holder with 8 of 8 winners! Only a few Jai-Alai facilities in US history ever offered a wager this challenging and a lucky Magic City fan became the first time winner of the Mighty Ocho Pick 8 jackpot wager on June 14, 2021 at the Mat-2 performance! Try the $1 Pick 3 wager with a low takeout rate of just 20%. Magic City currently has two Pick 3’s starting in game 2 and game 6. Be sure to play the Jai-ly popular $1 Jai-5 jackpot wager which starts in game 3 and pays $2,000 minimum if you are the only winner with 5 of 5 game winners correctly selected. The record payoff for the $1 Jai-5 is a whopping $27,348 paid to a single lucky ticket holder and this wager also features the low 20% takeout rate. There have been numerous Jai-5 jackpots paid out to single ticket holders since the beginning of this popular wager (115 single jackpot winners through 23-Oct-2021, WOW!).

The 2021 U.S. National Jai-alai Championship was held August 27-29 and paid out over $25,000 in prize money this year! This 2nd annual prestigious event was broadcast live on the JAC (The Jai-Alai Channel). Magic City’s own Douglas won the Pro Tourney Singles Championship and the Douglas-Benny duo teamed-up to win the Pro Tourney Doubles Championship. These guys took down Dania’s finest (Erik & Ladutxe) and Magic City now holds the title of the best short-court players in the USA! Congratulations Douglas, Benny, and Magic City Jai-Alai along with sponsor BetRivers.com for offering such a fine event!

SayHiLi.com promotes collecting Jai-Alai programs, memorabilia and art work. Be sure to check out the website pages with photos of examples of some popular collectible Jai-Alai programs and memorabilia under “Other Links.” You will also find important tips for beginners on collecting memorabilia. Take a look at the program cover photos from the hard-to-find Jai-Alai programs and stay tuned for opportunities to start collecting or expand your collection!

SayHiLi.com shows a summary History of Jai-Alai Frontons in the U.S. along with more about the fascinating history of Magic City Casino & Jai-Alai which began as West Flagler Kennel Club in the early 1900’s.

Last but certainly not least, be sure to look under Other Links for Famous Women in Jai-Alai which shows a program cover page and game page photos from a Tijuana, Mexico Jai-Alai program from the late 1950’s era when only women competed against each other in the first six Jai-Alai games of the (17) game performance. On that web page you can also find a link to a news article on the first U.S. female professional Jai-Alai player, Becky Smith who played at Calder Jai-Alai as “La Primera” and a photo with some history on the famous Katherine Hines.

Just Say “Hi-Li” and you’ve correctly pronounced the name of the World’s Fastest and Most Sensational Sport called Jai-Alai and you can Bet on It! Bookmark this site to your favorites and visit often!

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