Wagering Systems

Handicapping Systems

Handicapping Jai-alai games is the most common type of wagering on Jai-alai.  Statistics are provided in the Programs and bettors make selections based on the past historical data of players and the post positions they have for the game. Looking for strong players in low Post Numbers (i.e. posts 1,2,3), is a common method used by many. Also, strong players in post 8 have a significant advantage as 4-straight wins gives them a “perfect game win” in a 7-point game. There are many variations of handicapping systems with some bettors even going to the extent of “mining data” and creating extensive databases for use in their handicapping systems.

Due Number Systems

This involves tracking of number combinations and making wagers on combinations that one determines are statistically due to occur based on past historical data for those combinations. Due Number Systems are typically used for exact order Trifectas, however, some Due Number Systems are used by bettors for Quiniela and Exacta/Perfecta combinations. Due Number Systems used to be more popular in the 1980’s but there are still a few bettors that claim big success with this controversial method in recent years.

List Wagering

(aka System Wagering)

This is playing the same group of combinations (usually exact order Trifectas) for all of the Jai-alai games in a performance.  When Trifecta wagering was first introduced at Jai-alai in the mid to late 1970’s, List Wagering of a large group of Trifecta combinations was a common method employed by some of the big Jai-alai gamblers and Jai-alai gambling syndicates. Since the betting public has become more familiar with odds on each of the 336 Trifecta combinations, average Trifecta prices have gone down and List Wagering is no longer a popular method of wagering, however there can still be some decent % ROI potential with small lists of Trifectas.

Custom Systems or Methods

Some Jai-alai bettors employ their own customized systems or methods to compete against other bettors.  The details of some of their methods are closely held secrets. Remember that in pari-mutuel wagering on Jai-alai games, one is competing with other bettors, not “The House” as in casino-style betting. Some Jai-alai bettors have been working for years continuously improving their methods to try to gain an edge on their competition.

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