Golden Cesta Award

The Golden Cesta Award is an honorary award for the Jai-alai player with the most singles game wins for a week. The award was conceived by Pauly, a well known Jai-alai announcer and promoter at Magic City Jai-alai who also had a big following when working at Dania Jai-alai. Pauly is the originator of the reference to Machu Picchu when a player’s shot hits high out-of-bounds, such as the overhead netting and the phrase “The Pad is Bad.” Golden Cesta Award winners are shown beginning with the 2019 season at Magic City. A Jai-alai week at Magic City is typically begins mid-week and concludes on a Sunday.

Douglas won the Golden Cesta Award for 14 of the 18 weeks he played during the 2019 meet and even won 10-consecutive weeks from Week #7 through #16. Douglas also holds the record with 19 singles game wins in a week during Week #8 in 2019. Carballo’s 18 singles wins in Week #3 of 2019 was for 27 games played which calculates to an astonishing 66.7% wins. This is the current win percentage record for a week of play at Magic City Jai-alai! RonRon tied Carballo’s 66.7% wins record in Week #20 of 2020 with 12 wins in 18 games played!

Note: when there is a tie for most wins, the Golden Cesta Award goes to the player with the highest % ITM for the week.

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Golden Cesta Award Winners

YearWeekPlayerNumber of WinsAdditional Information & Stats
20201Ikeda10was a partial week
20205Anderluck5Bueno, Douglas each had 4-wins
20206El Barba4
20207Tennessee731.8% Wins (7 in 22), Ikeda with 5 wins was next best
20209Carballo541.7% Wins, 91.7% ITM
202010Bueno626.1% Wins, 47.8% ITM
(RonRon 5 wins in 12 ga), short week with 3-performances
202011RonRon1346.5% Wins, 75.0% ITM
202012RonRon1553.6% Wins, 75.0% ITM
202013Douglas1450.0% Wins, 64.3% ITM
202014Douglas1864.3% Wins, 82.1% ITM
(18 wins in 28 games)
202015Douglas1346.4% Wins, 60.7% ITM
202016RonRon1041.7% Wins, 58.3% ITM
202017Douglas1246.2% Wins, 65.4% ITM
202018Ben1326.5% Wins, 44.9% ITM
202019Douglas1139.3% Wins, 78.6% ITM
202020RonRon1266.7% Wins, 72.2% ITM
202021Douglas1157.9% Wins, 84.2% ITM
202022Douglas (winner)
El Barba
10 (highest ITM wins)
41.7% Wins, 66.7% ITM
41.7% Wins, 50.0% ITM
202023RonRon937.5% Wins, 79.2% ITM
202024El Barba625.0% Wins, 58.3% ITM
202025El Barba937.5% Wins, 58.3% ITM
202026El Barba729.2% Wins, 58.3% ITM
202027Douglas950.0% Wins, 77.8% ITM
202028Bueno827.6% Wins, 34.5% ITM
202029Jeden940.9% Wins, 59.1% ITM
Asier (honorable mention)
3 wins in 4-games
50.0% Wins, 75.0% ITM
75.0% Wins, 75.0% ITM
20191Jeden, Kubala10
20193Carballo1866.7% Wins (18 in 27 games)
20194Douglas11Douglas started this week
201917RonRon7Douglas 1-win this week (18-1-6-2)
201918Douglas, Ikeda6
201920Anderluck, Douglas7
201921Anderluck7partial week, next best were tied at 3-wins
Golden Cesta Award winners at Magic City Jai-alai since the 2019. The Golden Cesta Award goes to the winner of the most singles games each week.

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