Takeout Rates

Takeout Rate is the percentage of money withheld by the Jai-alai for itself from the Gross Pool for a wager type. The Net Pool is what is left over from the Gross Pool after deducting the Takeout Rate from the Gross Pool. For example: If there is $2,000 in the Gross Trifecta Pool and the Takeout Rate for the Trifecta wager is 25%, then 25% of the $2,000 Gross Trifecta Pool is deducted from the $2,000 which amounts to $500 to be deducted from the $2,000. This leaves a Net Trifecta Pool of $1,500 to be split up among the bettors with winning tickets. If there are (3) winning $0.50 tickets on the trifecta wager, the $1,500 gets split up 3-ways and each $0.50 winner would get $500, if there were (5) winning tickets each winner would get $300.

Note: The Takeout Rate the Jai-alai keeps for itself goes for operating expenses, state fees, tote company fees, etc. Takeout Rates can be a big impact on payoffs one will receive; lower rates are good for the bettors.

Wager TypeMagic City
Takeout %
Exacta (Perfecta)25
Daily Double20
Pick 320
Jai-5 (Pick 5)20
Mighty Ocho (Pick 8)20
Rates Table
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