Wager Types

Sports Betting Wagers – Jai-Alai fans can wager on Magic City Battle Court Jai-Alai matches between two singles players or doubles teams. Currently there are (5) teams or squads for Battle Court with 6-players per team and there are inter-squad matches on 3-days per week during the Battle Court seasons. The teams are the Chargers, Cyclones, Devils, Renegades and Warriors. Sports betting on Battle Court Jai-Alai matches is currently legal in some states (originated in Feb 2022) and is currently being done through partner BetRivers.com.

Pelota (aka pari-mutuel wagering for Jai-Alai) – Magic City Jai-alai offers the same kind of pari-mutuel wagers as found at thoroughbred horse tracks, harness racing, quarter horse racing and greyhound race tracks. One can wager at the Jai-alai fronton or off-site at a simulcast partner site or an ADW which offers Jai-alai on their wagering menu. A simulcast partner site could be another racetrack, casino or OTB (off-track-betting) offering the option to place wagers on Jai-alai. Wagering at the Jai-alai fronton or off-site at a simulcast partner can be done one of two ways: with a mutuel teller who sells/cashes tickets or with a self-service betting terminal at that location (sometimes referred to as a SAM). ADW stands for Advance-Deposit Wagering. Advance-Deposit Wagering (ADW) is a form of wagering where one can wager from home or other location using their computer or mobile device, or even phone-in bets in some cases. ADW wagering requires bettors to set up and fund a wagering account before being allowed to place wagers (no credit allowed). An ADW account has to be set up in advance and can usually take from 1-5 days to set-up until one is able to place wagers. Watch and Wager (watchandwager.com) is the industry leader for ADW for Jai-alai games. Phone wagering is not one of the wagering options offered by Watch and Wager, however, they have a top-notch customer service team ready to answer your questions and help you set-up an account. Watch and Wager even offers a new account deposit bonus. Other wagering options for Jai-alai can be seen on this site under the menu heading “Where to Bet & Watch.”

Below are the Jai-Alai pari-mutuel wager types, minimum base wager amounts, number of possible combos, along with wager descriptions, examples and other information to help the newcomer to Jai-alai. Jai-alai games are very exciting and usually take from 10-20 minutes each and a Jai-alai venue typically offers from 9-12 games during a performance. Jai-alai games are far more exciting than watching horses or greyhounds racing around a track which never last more than 2-minutes and can even be over in 30-seconds or less. The excitement of a Jai-alai game offers much more bang for the buck! One doesn’t have to wager to enjoy the excitement of Jai-alai games. Jai-alai games can be viewed LIVE and for FREE on the Jai-Alai Channel.

Note: ADW wagering – Use WatchandWager.com (accounts allowed in many states, check with customer service for availability). Connecticut residents are restricted and cannot open WatchandWager accounts and must use MyWinners.com.

Wager Type
Minimum On-Line Base Wager Magic City
# of Possible Combos

Wager Description / Examples
Games the Wager is Available




You win if your number finishes First

Note:  $1 base wager Win betting allowed for Magic City on-line wagers.

All games




You win if your number finishes First or Second

Note:  $1 base wager Place betting allowed for Magic City on-line wagers

All games




You win if your number finishes First,  Second or Third. This is the most conservative wager in Jai-alai, a possible good starting point for making one’s first Jai-alai wager.

Note:  $1 base wager allowed for Magic City on-line wagers.

Win, Place and Show wagers are the most conservative of wagers at Jai-alai. The drawbacks for these wager types are the small betting pools and low payoffs. The vast majority of Jai-alai bettors prefer the other wager types that return higher prices.

All games




You win the quiniela by picking numbers that finish First and Second in either order.  For example, if you select Quiniela 1-3, you win if the result is 1-3 or 3-1. Quiniela’s are good conservative bets for beginning Jai-alai bettors.

Boxing:  boxing 135 gives you all 3 possibilities (13, 15, 35) and costs $3 total, boxing 4-numbers costs $6, boxing 5 numbers costs $10

Wheeling:  wheel 1/234 gives you 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 and costs $3 total, a $1 wheel 1/ALL costs $7 and if the 1 comes first or second you win on this wager.

All games

Exacta or




You win by picking numbers that finish First and Second in exact order.  For example, if you select 3-1, you win if the exact result is 3-1.  A 1-3 result would be a losing wager.

Boxing:  boxing 13 gives you both Exacta orders (1-3 and 3-1) and costs $2 total, boxing 3-numbers costs $6, boxing 4-numbers costs $12, boxing 5-numbers costs $20.

Wheeling:  wheel 1/234 gives you 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 and costs $3 total, if you put 1 second and play 234/1 it gives you 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 for $3 more, $1 wheel 1/ALL costs $7 and you win the wager if 1 wins the game.

All games

Daily Double



You win if your selections finish First in 2-consecutive games, if nobody has both winners you receive a consolation payout for having one game correct. This wager is added to the Magic City wagering menu for the start of the 2021 regular season starting May 1.

Games 1&2


aka Tri



Your selections must be in exact order for first, second, third for a straight trifecta selection.  If you wager 3-1-7, the 3 must win, 1 must be second, 7 must be third.

Boxing:  boxing 137 gives you all 6 orders and costs $3 total, box 4 numbers costs $12, box 5-numbers costs $30, box 6-numbers costs $60.

Wheeling:  wheel 5/13 gives you 5-1-3 and 5-3-1 and costs $1 total, wheel 4/123 for $3, wheel 5/1234 for $6, wheel 6/12345 for $10, wheel 7/123456 for $15, wheel 8/ALL/ALL for $21

Additional Info:

Trifecta betting is the most popular bet at Jai-alai and the largest betting pools.

50c exact order trifecta bets are allowed for on-line betting (i.e. 3-1-7 straight for 50c total).

The 1-2-4 trifecta box is the most frequent winning trifecta box at Jai-alai and considered a conservative wager if betting on the trifecta.

All games




The Superfecta (or Super) wageryour selections must be in exact order for first, second, third and fourth for a straight super. Boxing and wheeling are the most popular methods for wagering on the Super:

Box 4-numbers for a cost of $2.40 (all 4-numbers must be in the top 4). Popular 4-number boxes are: 1234, 1357, 2468, 1257, 2357. A few superfecta boxes that can be high yield returns are these 4-number boxes: 1467, 2467

Box 5-numbers for $12, Box 6-numbers for $36.

High roller wagers: Box 7-numbers for $84, Box ALL for $168 (covers all combos).

Wheel 1/2468, total of 24 combos for a total of $2.40.

Improve your chances and wheel 1/ALL/ALL/ALL for all 210 combinations with 1-post winning the game for only $21 (the 1-wins the game and you have a winning bet). 

Occasionally, a few bettors take a stab at a 10-cent box ALL on the superfecta wager for a total cost of $168. The reward can be very lucrative, however, it can also result in a big loss if a heavy favorite wins, or several top players are in the top 4 (thus a low paying super).

Tip on Superfecta wagering – a good source is under Statistical Analysis on Tiger’s Jai-alai Heaven for probabilities for all 1680-superfecta possibilities (assuming all players are of equal ability).

Magic City:

No longer available

Jai-5 or

Pick 5 Jackpot



You win the Jackpot if your selections finish first in 5-consecutive games AND you have the ONLY winning ticket, if nobody has all 5-winners there are consolation payouts for those tickets with the most correct winners (i.e. usually 4 of 5 games or 3 of 5 games).  The Jackpot keeps growing every performance there isn’t a single winning ticket with all 5-winners and can be a very exciting wager.  Jai-5 is a $2,000 minimum guarantee payoff if you are the Single winning ticket for the 2020 season.

Note:  Jai-5 Jackpot bets have the largest payoffs at Jai-alai and were introduced after the start of the 2019 Magic City season.  The largest payoff to date has been an amazing $27,348! 

Magic City:

Games 3-7

Note: The new Mighty Ocho (a Pick 8 Jackpot wager) has been added to the 2020 Magic City Jai-alai season and works the same way as the Jai-5 Jackpot Pick 5 wager, the only difference is you must be the ONLY winning ticket picking 8-consecutive winners to hit the Jackpot. This wager is also a $1 minimum bet and starts on game 1 (runs games 1-8). The jackpot has a $5,000 guarantee to a single winning ticket for the 2021 regular season. The same takeout rate, consolation payouts, and rules apply for this wager as for the Jai-5 (or Pick 5 Jackpot). There are a lot of Pick 8 combos making it very challenging to hit all 8-winners. The total number of possibilities is 8 to the 8th power, which is 1 in 16,777,216 possibilities. Hats off to any bettor who can successfully win a Mighty Ocho Jackpot! We know a Pick 8 wager was offered at Palm Beach Jai-alai in 1992/1993 time frame, but there was never a time at Palm Beach where someone correctly selected all 8-winners. A Magic City bettor hit all 8-winners on June 14, 2021 for the $5,000 guaranteed jackpot and was the first ever in Jai-alai history to accomplish this feat!

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