Wanted: Jai-Alai Betting Tickets

I’m trying to complete a Jai-Alai betting ticket collection and need tickets from the following (5) US Jai-Alai frontons as I don’t have a single ticket from any of these:

Palm Beach, Newport, Orlando, Melbourne (aka Brevard), Kings Court

I have other Jai-Alai memorabilia for barter for your tickets (including programs, postcards, brochures, matchbook covers/matchbooks, bumper stickers, license plates, caps, pens, photos, advertisements and more) or can pay good ole cash if the prices are reasonable. I also have more of the same type of greyhound racing memorabilia if you wish to barter for those type of memorabilia items. I’m always looking for betting tickets from greyhound tracks along with horse tracks too (the older the better).

If you should have any older betting tickets (1936 through 1960’s) from any of the early Jai-Alai frontons, please contact me. I’m only looking for very good to excellent quality tickets where the print is all very clear to read (not a fan of tickets with faded or incomplete print). I’m not interested in admission tickets; only the pari-mutuel betting tickets. I’m always on the lookout for more tickets and ones of different tote styles and wager types too. I don’t have any tickets for a Jai-Alai Pick 6 bet and that would be a neat addition. There are some frontons where I only have several tickets (i.e. Hamilton) and would like to acquire more. I do have a pretty ample supply of Big Bend and Ocala betting tickets. I would like to acquire enough extra tickets to donate a complete set to Jeff “Laca” Conway’s Jai-Alai & Baseball Museum in Seminole FL so they can be enjoyed by visitors. Any help would be much appreciated!

Please contact me through the following website email address if you can help and include your name. I can’t respond immediately, but will be monitoring for responses daily. I will only deal with continental USA and Canada for shipping/receiving items. Here is the contact email: sayhili@earthlink.net

Thanks again! Steve Martin (aka straymar)

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