ADDED SUPERFECTA WAGER to Dania Game 9 Singles Starts Tonight!!

Starting tonight, Dania fans get even more Jai-Alai as game 9 singles has been changed from a spec 7 singles to a spec 9 singles with Superfecta wagering. So, there are now (3) Superfectas on the Dania wagering menu starting Friday night (12/16); games 4, 7 and 9.

Fan favorite Zulaika has post-1 in tonight’s game 9 singles so this should be interesting. Zulaika should be heavily bet in this game!

Superfecta’s are a 10-cent base wager, the norm for the pari-mutuel industry these days. Dania Superfecta bettors do need to be aware of the change in superfecta wagering from previous Dania meets of recent years. Although the base wager is 10-cents, the total superfecta wager must now be a $1.00 minimum to be accepted. This means one can no longer do a 10-cent straight wager 5-3-1-2 for a mere 10-cents. Now you would need to pair-up your desired super wager with other combos or increase the base wager amount so the ticket costs $1.00 or more (or both). Thus, for example, one could play a 10-cent super 5-3-12-all for $1.00 total or play a 20-cent super 5-3-1-all for $1.00 total. One could simply play a $1.00 base wager on a straight 5-3-1-2, however, that would be a significant impact on the payoff with (10) 10-cent tickets on that 5-3-1-2, making long-term profitability a lot less likely. Why not get more bang for your buck and cover more combinations, right?

Good Luck Superfecta Lovers and Thanks Dania Fronton!!

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