Battle Court II 2022 First Draft Event – 8/5/2022

Magic City Fronton First Battle Court II Draft Event on 8/5/2022

Friday night, August 5th, marked the first Battle Court draft selection event for the Battle Court II 2022 season which starts on Friday night, September 23rd where the Cesta Cyclones face-off against the Chula Chargers.  The draft event took place on the Magic City Jai-Alai fronton court in Miami, Florida at 6:45 pm with each of the 4-squad owners making the final decision on which player to draft to complete their 6-player squads.  Each squad had previously locked-in 3-players from the Battle Court I 2022 season and the remaining 3-players for each squad were selected via the draft process.

Here are the initial 3-players for the squads prior to the draft selection process:

Here is the draft selection order for the 3-remaining players for each squad and the players who were drafted by each squad.

Below is the final grid showing the Round 1-6 players for each of the Battle Court squads:

The selection process started shortly after the event started at 6:45-pm and lasted until the 12th draft pick which was announced around 7:30-pm EST. 

Singles games for Battle Court H2H matches will involve Round 1-players playing against each other, Round 2 players playing against each other…..down to Round 6 players playing against each other.  Doubles team pairings for each of the 4-Battle Court squads were made by the squads after the live coverage of the event ended, so those aren’t yet available for this article.

The event was broadcast on where H2H games can be viewed live on the internet or watched at a later time.  Andrew Blechman announced the event for the on-line viewers while Magic City COO, Scott Savin, announced the draft selections to those in attendance.  There will also be some ESPN3 coverage of Battle Court II H2H matches on Friday nights coming this fall. Here are a few other photos from this first draft event!  Congratulations Magic City fronton on a great and professional event!

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