Brackets are Set for 1st World Super Court Tourney Finals at Magic City on Thursday!

The brackets are set for the Finals of the very first $50,000 World Super Court Tourney which concludes at Magic City on October 6th!  This is a short-court doubles tourney featuring many of the current top professional Jai-Alai players in the world.  All teams had to qualify at one of the four qualifying events to get their shot at the finals field of 8-teams by finishing first or second in a qualifier event.

Erik-Manu were slated to compete, however, a late scratch of Erik has meant a substitution, initially planned to be Carballo.  Carballo had to scratch from the tourney today due to a bicep issue and RonRon is filling the slot and partnering with Manu (aka Ladutxe when at Dania).  The Erik scratch was initially rumored to be a retirement of Erik and moving to Spain where his wife is from (personal reasons), however recent posts on a Jai-Alai chat board indicate Erik wanted special treatment not offered to other participants from outside Magic City…..Erik does not have a home court any more and must certainly be intelligent enough to understand he doesn’t get to make all the rules, or any of them to be realistic. Too much drama being directed away from the 1st ever WSC on that topic unfortunately and Erik is “attempting” damage control (LOL good grief)………moving on, read more about this fantastic WSC event below.

The tourney kicks off at Magic City at noon EST on Thursday with first round matches and semi-finals which follow and then the finals match is scheduled for 5-pm EST Thursday.  The rules are simple and are the same as the Magic City Battle Court matches.  Prize money is a whopping $25,000 for first and $12,000 for second.

Here are the teams on the left-side of the bracket:

  • Goixerri-Aratz VS Ikeda-Manny
  • Jairo-Nicolas VS Johan-Gorka

Here are the teams on the right-side of the bracket:

  • RonRon-Manu VS Douglas-Benny
  • Arbe-Lekue VS Inaki-Julen

If you are unable to attend the LIVE matches at Magic City, be sure to watch them at  They can also be viewed on Triple-B Media, FTF (For the Fans), and LaLigaSports.

SayHiLi resident handicapper, Steve M, predicts the finals match will be between the brothers teams of Goixerri-Aratz and Inaki-Julen. Goixerri and Aratz have been playing great lately and Inaki has been playing some awesome Jai-Alai the last several months! This first World Super Court finals event will be an incredible display of doubles match talent that hasn’t been seen in years at Jai-Alai! Don’t miss out on this first historical WSC event! Personally, I’m rooting for the brother team of Douglas-Benny of course!

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