Chargers Stun Warriors at Battle Court Spring Finals!

The Lifestyle Miami Chargers stunned the Wall Warriors last night at the Magic City Fronton Battle Court Spring Championship in Miami, Florida before a packed house.  There were (5) doubles matches slated for the finals and the first team to win 3-matches would be named the Championship Winner Spring 2023.  Should a team secure the Championship victory before the 5th match, the remaining matches would be cancelled.

The first doubles match featured the level-1 teams of Zulaika-Benny for the Chargers versus Inaki-Nicolas of the Warriors.  BetRivers had Inaki-Nicolas favored to win the match.  Zulaika-Benny appeared well on their way to victory in set three with a 5-2 lead, needing only one more point to secure the first match win for the Chargers.  Four straight errors by Zulaika allowed Inaki-Nicolas to steal the 3rd set win and the first match of the Championship Final (Match 1 set scores, Warriors:  6-3, 3-6, 6-5).

Match 2 was a level 2 doubles match featuring Iturbide-Spinner for the Chargers versus Ikeda-Julen of the Warriors.  BetRivers had Iturbide-Spinner favored to win.  After a nail-biting first set win of 6-5 by the Chargers, they rattled the Warriors with a 6-0 shutout in set two, clinching the match for the Charger’s Iturbide-Spinner, thus offsetting the Charger’s match-1 loss (Match 2 set scores, Chargers:  6-5, 6-0).

Match 3 was a level 3 doubles match featuring Zulaika-Iriondo for the Chargers versus Bueno-Nicolas of the Warriors.  BetRivers had this match as a toss-up (-117 for both teams).  As expected this was a close match, but was won by Zulaika-Iriondo in two-sets by scores of 6-4 and 6-5.

Leading 2-1, the Chargers needed only one more match win to take home the trophy, 1st place prize money and the bragging rights.  The Chargers did not disappoint their fans and secured the victory in 2-sets 6-4 and 6-1 in the 4th match with the Charger’s Iturbide-Iriondo picking off Inaki-Roque of the Warriors.  BetRivers had the Warriors favored to win this match (Warriors -200 and Chargers +145).  Had the Warriors won the 4th match, the 5th match would have been played with the Charger’s Williams-Benny duo versus the Warrior’s Bueno-Julen.

SayHiLi congratulates the winning Lifestyle Miami Charger team owners and the team members Zulaika, Iturbide, Benny, Spinner, Iriondo and Williams.  Three of the Charger’s team members are new to the Magic City Fronton Battle Court roster for 2023; Zulaika, Iturbide and Iriondo.  Also, compliments are in order for the Magic City Fronton owners, management and support team for all their hard work in promoting the game of Jai-Alai.  Also, recently another sports betting partner, DraftKings, has started taking wagers on Battle Court matches too, so this expansion is exciting news for the Magic City Fronton short-court Jai-Alai program!

The Battle Court Fall Season 2023 kicks off on Friday, September 8th and runs through Friday, December 15th.  There will be a Fall Battle Court draft in late August.  Be sure to support the Magic City Fronton Pelota games (pari-mutuel games) which are played on Sunday through Tuesday at 1:30-pm now through June 27th.  Fans can attend the live games on Sundays.  The USNJAC and WSC (World Super Court) tournaments are played in August this year so don’t miss out on these great events too!  Pelota games also return in September and run into early December this year with a Monday thru Wednesday schedule.

Steve M,

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