Pre-USNJAC 6-Picks Live Fan H2H Contest – $5,000 Carryover for Sept 21!

The Saturday Doubles H2H Live Fan Contest at Magic City Jai-Alai has a HUGE $5,000 6-Picks carryover for August 21 to be split among live H2H fans successfully picking all 6-winners of the H2H games. Saturday August 14 found 4-fans live with 5/5 match winners correctly selected going into the final match of Bueno-Ben versus Kubala-Benny, however, all 4-free fans had 6-Picks tickets with match loser Bueno-Ben on their tickets. Kubala-Benny polished off Bueno-Ben in quick order in two sets with scores of 6-1 and 6-1.

There are only 64-possibilities for selecting all 6-match winners, however, lately with RonRon scratched due to injury which creates a forfeit for the Juice-RonRon team and automatic win for their opponent, some of the H2H contests on Saturday have been effectively reduced to a 5-Picks and even 4-Picks contest once due to another injury, vastly improving the odds for selecting all match winners. The first two weeks of the 6-Picks contest there were single winners for $1,000 each time. The last three Saturday contests there have been fans live going into the final match and they have all missed on the final match. Saturday August 21 multiple winners of all matches will split the $5,000 carryover prize.

Saturday August 21 is the last 6-Picks contest until Saturday, September 11th where again each live H2H fan gets one free selection to be submitted 5-minutes before the first match. Live fans participating be sure to read and follow the rules to collect in the event you select the correct match winners. The 2nd Annual USNJAC tourney at Magic City is played from August 27-29, a 3-day event this year instead of 2-days. When the tourney concludes, there is a short break at Magic City before the Jai-Alai action resumes on Saturday, September 11. Note that before the USNJAC tourney, Monday the 23rd is the final day of Magic City Jai-Alai for the week. When play resumes on September 11 after USNJAC, there will also be a another H2H contest offered for H2H fans called 18-Picks which includes the fans at home and covers all (18) weekly H2H games. Note that 18-Picks replaces the popular weekly fantasy league on pari-mutuel games. Complete 18-Picks contest details are still being finalized and will then be fully released. We have heard that fan(s) correctly selecting the most weekly H2H winners for 18-Picks will split a $100 prize, the same as the current fantasy contest, and we think there is a carryover if nobody correctly selects all 18-winners. Stay tuned for full details!


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