Jai-Alai Season Schedules

2022 Magic City Jai-Alai Season & Event Info (all times are shown in EST)

Pelota Games (aka pari-mutuel wagering games)

  • Calendar for Pelota games – https://jaialaiworld.com/ (use this link and under “MAGIC CITY PELOTA” click on 2022 Calendar to see the pdf calendar file with dates).

Jai-Alai H2H Matches

  • Battle Court II – starts September 23, 8-weeks of Singles & Doubles:
    • Friday @7-pm
    • Monday & Tuesday @1:30-pm
    • Championship on Friday, November 18 @7-pm
  • Calendar for H2H / Battle Courthttps://jaialaiworld.com/ (use this link and under “JAI-ALAI H2H” click on 2022 Calendar to see the pdf calendar file with dates).

3rd Annual USNJAC at Magic City Fronton

  • Professional Tournament on Sat/Sun, August 20-21 (11-am and noon EST, respectively)
  • Masters Division on Fri/Sun, August 19 & 21 (10-am EST Aug 19 first day, finals noon EST on Sunday)

World Super Court – Inaugural year of the NEW $50,000 World Doubles Championship event for current professionals, watch WSC on watchjaialai.com

  • 1st Qualifier Feb 16 at Magic City, 3-pm
    • Goixerri-Aratz and Douglas-Benny qualified
  • 2nd Qualifier Apr 13 at Magic City, 3-pm
    • Erik-Manu and Inaki-Julen qualified
  • 3rd Qualifier June 8 at Magic City, 3-pm
    • Ikeda-Manny and Jairo-Nicolas qualified
  • 4th Qualifier September 27 in Spain, location & time TBA:
  • Finals October 6 at Magic City Fronton (8-teams), time TBA, Oct 5 is a practice day
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