Magic City Jai-Alai Awards! Jackpots Forced-Out on Tuesday the 23rd!

The 2021 Magic City Jai-Alai year closes out on Tuesday, November 23rd where the Mighty Ocho Pick 8 Jackpot wager and the Jai-5 Pick 5 Jackpot wager will both be forced-out to the winners with the most correct winners. Jackpots of a minimum $5,000 for the Mighty Ocho and $2,000 for the Jai-5 will be split among ticket holders correctly selecting the most winners. Should the Jai-5 Jackpot not be hit by a single winning ticket on Monday, that Jackpot will be far in excess of $2,000 for the Force-Out on Tuesday.

Saturday’s Pari-Mutuel Performance brought the distribution of the non-monetary awards at Magic City Jai-Alai. Here is a list of those awards and the 2021 recipients:

Most Improved Singles Player for 2021: Ben

Most Improved Doubles Player for 2021: Cool Fitness

Team Unity Award for 2021: Tennessee

We don’t know what this award (Team Unity Award) is officially called, however it’s for the player that goes above and beyond on the court and in the locker room. Tennessee continues to win this award every year. He’s the fellow bringing in snacks for the team, he’s out there wiping sweat off the floor when someone takes a spill and he’s there to help anyone when needed. Tennessee is an all-around Mr. Nice Guy and respects everyone.

Tuesday’s closing day will bring the distribution of the cash awards for the Singles and Doubles Championships. The team of Kubala-Benny have locked-up 1st place in the Doubles Championship with Diaz-Douglas the 2nd place winners. In Singles with 4-games left for the leaders to compete, Douglas leads with 62 wins, Ben is 2nd with 58 wins and Julen is 3rd with 57 wins, so 1st could still be a tie if Julen wins all 4-games and the battle for 2nd is still up for grabs. Expect some hot competition in the singles games in the final two days!

SayHiLi would like to give honorable mention to Spinner who has been a great addition to the Magic City roster. Spinner has done a great job mentoring Magic City players. The team of Cool Fitness-Spinner was in contention for the Doubles Championship when Spinner suffered an achilles tear during an H2H match recently. Spinner will return approximately mid-season in 2022. SayHiLi wishes him the best! Magic City fans will be glad to see the return of Spinner and RonRon in 2022.

Magic City Jai-Alai pari-mutuel games and H2H games will resume in 2022 on February 14th and run through November. SayHiLi expects the pari-mutuel betting pools to be significantly larger at Magic City Jai-Alai in 2022 with the closure of Dania Jai-Alai. Dania’s last pari-mutuel performance ever will be held in one short week on Sunday, November 28th. Be sure to visit there soon if you haven’t already done so.

Be on the lookout for announcements coming out after November 28th on roster additions for Magic City Jai-Alai!

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