Magic City Jai-Alai Week 17 Summary Report

Golden Cesta Award (GCA):

Carballo wins with 3-singles game wins (42.9%) over Bueno with 3-wins (30.0%) on win % tiebreaker, his 6th GCA of his Magic City career and now tied for 3rd most GCA’s ever with EL Barba. Congratulations Carballo and a shout-out to Bueno! Douglas is 1st with 28 GCA’s and RonRon is 2nd with 16. See GCA history HERE.

2021 Regular Season Singles Championship (# of wins):

Ben – 42

El Barba/Julen – 41

Douglas/Benny – 40

Next best is Anderluck with 34

What a competition, great going guys!!

2021 Doubles Tourney #3 (# of wins):

Cool Fitness-Spinner – 10

Kubala-Benny – 8

Diaz-Douglas – 6

Anderluck-Bradley – 5

2021 Doubles Tourney #3 Week 17 Wins:

Cool Fitness-Spinner – 2 (note Cool Fitness was scratched Monday)

(3) teams tied with 1-win for the week for this short week

2021 Regular Season % Wins – All Singles Games (top 4):

Douglas – 27.8% (did not play Wk 17)

RonRon – 23.6% (still out with injury, back 9/11)

El Barba – 17.3%

Spinner – 16.8%

2021 Regular Season % ITM – All Singles Games (top 4):

Douglas – 56.9%

RonRon – 55.7%

Spinner – 51.4%

Benny – 47.7%

2021 Regular Season Week 17 % Wins – Singles Games (top 4):

Carballo – 42.9%

Cool Fitness – 33.3%

Bueno – 30.0%

Spinner – 28.6%

2021 Regular Season Week 17 % ITM – Singles Games (top 4):

Carballo – 71.4%

Bueno – 70.0%

Cool Fitness – 66.7%

Kubala/Tennessee – 50.0%

Other Magic City Jai-Lites:

USNJAC is next on agenda. Watch live on The Jai-Alai Channel at 10-am EST Aug 27-29th. Amateurs are Friday and Professionals are Saturday/Sunday. GO Magic City players!! Magic City Jai-Alai fans know you can do it!!

Next pari-mutuel performance is Sat, Sept. 11 following a short well-deserved break after USNJAC. No schedule changes for Magic City, still Sat thru Tue at 1:30-pm. Get ready for the “Jai-ly” popular mandatory payouts of Jai-5 and Mighty Ocho at the end of Edgewater Meet on September 21.

Lander Aramendi to make his professional debut at Magic City Jai-Alai on Saturday September 11. The only other roster change we know of is that Vuelo will not be playing for the remainder of 2021 but could return in 2022. RonRon expected back on 9/11 too.

Jai-Alai sports betting continues in Iowa & Illinois on H2H matches thru with more states to be added soon. Thanks Magic City Jai-Alai for your dedication at keeping the sport of Jai-Alai alive and kicking in the USA!

Saturday Sept. 11 6-Picks Jackpot is $6,000 for this FREE H2H contest for live fans at Saturday H2H games at Magic City. WOW, you gotta be kidding me! Only at Magic City Jai-Alai!

New H2H 18-Picks contest for all fans debuts on Saturday Sept. 11. Fans must re-register for this new contest on This 18-Picks contest replaces the fantasy contest for the pari-mutuel games. SayHiLi’s owner Say-HiLi Susie was the winner of the fantasy contest for 2021 with 4-weekly wins. Congrats Susie for kicking the guys azzez! She is a huge fan of the sport!

Dania slated to re-open on Wed. Sept 1 at this time. No other info available at this time or how long they will continue to offer Jai-Alai. Remember the Big Payoffs are at Magic City Jai-Alai! Magic City Jai-Alai serves excitement with its faster version of the sport and top talent! Thanks Magic City fans for your continued and dedicated support of pari-mutuel games and H2H matches!!


Side note from contributor Steve. Cardiologist says I definitely need a heart procedure and it’s serious. Undergoing additional tests soon and decisions by the experts on what kind of surgery. Should you see no updates on site scratches, carryovers and weekly reports, there is a good reason and hope to be back soon!

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