Magic City Week 10 Wrap-Up, Another GC for Douglas!

Tuesday, July 6th concluded another week of the fast-action short-court Jai-Alai with top Magic City professional Jai-Alai player Douglas dominating the Golden Cesta Award with his 4-wins for the week, winning half of his games and securing his 27th Golden Cesta Award for most weekly singles wins. Early games player CRB finished 2nd with 3-wins and Diaz, Spinner & Tennessee each tied for 3rd with 2-wins. Congratulations Douglas on your hard work and this outstanding accomplishment in the world of professional Jai-Alai!

The 2021 regular season Singles Championship has continued to be a contentious battle with lead changes happening regularly. Currently nearly half the 20-player roster has from 20 to 30 singles wins. Julen leads this group with 30 wins, Ben has 29, Anderluck/El Barba/RonRon have 28, brothers Benny & Douglas have 26, Ikeda 24, and Spinner 20. Douglas’s singles win percentage has been rising and he is the outright leader with a commanding 28.3%. RonRon and Spinner’s win percentages have both been decreasing with RonRon currently at 23.9 and Spinner in 3rd with 17.5. Douglas (Matt Langhans) missed a large portion of the previous 2021 10-week mini season due to a wrist injury and has been mounting one heck of a comeback in the 2021 regular season which started May 1st. Douglas won the Singles Championship his first year of professional Jai-Alai in 2019 with 181 wins (38.4%) and again in 2020 with 179 wins (36.5%). Top-level competitor RonRon won the singles championship in the short 10-week mini-season in 2021 with 35-wins in his 90-games for 38.9% wins. Douglas missed two-thirds of the mini-season but still had an impressive 7-wins in his 30-games played for 23.3% wins.

The second 2021 Doubles Tournament of the year is still being dominated by the same 3-teams. Cool Fitness-Spinner lead the 10-teams with 21-wins. Kubala-Benny were winless this week and remain at 17 wins, while Carballo-Tennessee added 3-wins and are only one win behind 2nd place with 16-wins. This highly competitive doubles tournament only has 16-games left before concluding on Tuesday, July 20th. Prize money is paid to the top 2-teams, so this tourney could easily come down to the last game in the “Quest for the Dough!”

Trifecta pools continue to soar at Magic City since the closing of Dania Jai-Alai at the end of May. Trifectas are the most popular wager at Magic City Jai-Alai and trifecta wagering pools have grown over 34% since the last week of May. Trifectas can be purchased for as low as $0.50 base wagers.

Week 11 kicks-off on Saturday, July 10th, with a 1:30-pm performance where live fans are allowed in the fronton. Seating starts at 1:00 pm. Don’t forget the exciting H2H doubles games which follow at 5-pm where live fans are also allowed. Live fans for Saturday’s H2H doubles can also get in on one FREE shot at $1,000 starting this Saturday; the new 6-Picks Promotion. The person(s) picking ALL 6-winners of the (6) H2H doubles matches split $1,000. There are 64-different combinations of picking all 6-matches, however, each participant gets only ONE chance. If nobody has all 6-winners, the $1,000 carries over to the next Saturday where $2,000 is up for grabs for the winner(s) of ALL 6-matches. This “jackpot” continues to grow by $1,000 weekly until a contestant correctly picks the winner of all 6-matches. Also, don’t forget, be sure to get those Magic City Fantasy Jai-Alai League selections locked-in before the start of Saturday’s game 1!

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