New In-House Jai-Alai H2H Promo:  H2H x10

There is a NEW promo for Jai-Alai H2H at Magic City on Sundays now called “H2H x10.”  This promo replaces the 5 AT 5 promo for the live H2H attendees and works like this and starts May 1:

Basically how it works is you will pick the winner of each match AND the amount of sets each match will go (2 or 3 sets).  If you get BOTH right, you win $10.  This is open for all matches throughout the evening, so if there are 6-matches, you can walk away with $60 max.  This way, if someone comes late, they can still participate.  So each match is an individual “bet.”

Another great promo offered by Magic City Jai-Alai!

Steve M

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