Battle Court 2022 II Standing Through Match Week 9 (11/1/22)

Through 9 matches in the Battle Court 2022 II Season, the Cyclones have led wire-to-wire. The Warriors have maintained 2nd Place since their second match with the Warriors maintaining 3rd Place. With 3 matches left for each team, the Cyclones do not have 1st place locked yet, but are close. The Warriors will look to take 1st, but have a pretty good hold on 2nd Renegades. The Championship will be played on Friday, November 18, 2022 at the Magic City Fronton.

Last week saw some great action and the return of Bradley who has been out due to an injury in April. Bradley took a 3 set match from Roque and still had his amazing power.

Remaining schedule:

  • November 4: Cyclones vs Warriors
  • November 7: Renegades vs Chargers
  • November 8: Chargers vs Cyclones
  • November 11: Warriors vs Renegades
  • November 14: Chargers vs Warriors
  • November 15: Renegades vs Cyclones

Live viewing is Friday evenings at 7:00pm at the Magic City Fronton with doors opening at 6:30pm. Admission is free and there are give-a-ways and promotions for those in attendance.

You can watch the action on Fridays at 7pm and Mondays/Tuesdays at 5pm (EST) at,, (Triple B Media), FTF Sports Network, ESPN3, BetRivers youtube channel or download the free Jai Alai Channel app.

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