Magic City Jai-Alai 2023 Plans and Roster Expansion

Battle Court Jai-Alai matches and Pelota game performances (aka pari-mutuel wagering events) are set for 2023 and here is the scoop per Stu Neiman on 02-November:

  • Battle Court and Pelota from February through mid-December with a mid-season break
  • August will be a break from Battle Court & Pelota for some well-deserved time off for players and staff.  August will also be dedicated to the two tournaments;  the 4th annual USNJAC and the 2nd annual WSC (World Super Court).
  • Action will resume in September and has been extended to mid-December for 2023, which is about a month longer than Magic City schedules we’ve seen in the past.
  • There will be two Battle Court drafts, one in January and another for the fall Battle Court season.  January is an off-month, however it will be a practice month for players.
  • When action resumes in February the Battle Court schedule will be the same as the current schedule;  Friday 7-pm EST and Mon/Tue 5-pm.  The Pelota games will be Sunday through Tuesday at 1:30-pm.

The roster will be expanded and the Magic City Fronton management has been flirting with the idea of adding a 5th Battle Court squad.  No details have been released on the roster expansion and SayHiLi does not expect to hear about the final roster additions until January.  Magic City Battle Court matches are alive and well and even expanded to a much larger viewing audience with the ESPN3 live coverage which was added this fall.

Here are a few notes on the current roster:

  • Bradley has been back in action and playing in Battle Court matches.  He is not expected to play in the Pelota games the rest of this month.
  • Robin has been out with a knee injury and won’t be playing the rest of the year.  He last played on October 4 and will undergo knee surgery in December.  SayHiLi staff wishes him the best for that and a speedy recovery!
  • Diaz has been out with a back injury and will be out the rest of this month.  He has been co-announcing with Stu and Andrew during Battle Court matches and providing some interesting tid-bits and banter from the perspective of a Magic City short-court player.

The 2022 Magic City end dates are as follows:

  • Battle Court Championship is Friday, Nov. 18
  • Pelota games final performance is Wednesday, Nov. 23

Don’t forget the Jai-5 and Mighty Ocho jackpots will be forced-out November 23rd.  Currently the Jai-5 is $5,822.80 for the Monday, November 7th performance.  Should this jackpot make it through another 8-performances without a single winning ticket it will be a whopper for the closing day force-out.   Also, the Mighty Ocho, a $1.oo Pick 8 Jackpot wager will pay-out a minimum of $5,000 on the force-out day to those ticket holders with the most winners correctly selected.  The Mighty Ocho has been hit for 8 of 8 correct winners twice since this challenging wager began in May of 2020.

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