Happy New Year!!

SayHiLi wishes all Jai-Alai fans a Happy New Year for 2021!

The short-court Jai-Alai activity in the USA is getting “bigger and better” for 2021 with 10 extra weeks of Jai-Alai for Magic City with games starting on February 6th this year. The regular Magic City Jai-Alai season starts in May and runs through November.

There are some new additions to the roster in 2021 with Spinner from Dania coming to Magic City for the exciting short-court Jai-Alai action. Spinner demonstrated during the first U.S. National Jai-Alai Championship in December at Magic City that he will be a top contender on the short-court. Also, Ben Langhans, a younger brother of Matt Langhans (Player name Douglas), has signed a contract to play at Magic City in 2021. Ben will be playing under the name “Benny” and this is certainly something to look forward to with the great history of Jai-Alai achievements within the Langhans family. The latest word was Benny will be starting in May, however that could be subject to change.

Happy Holidays and stay safe and respect others by “wearing the mask.” It’s certainly not asking much and it’s so simple; just like buckling that seat belt when you get in a car…..

See you on February 6th and be watching for more episodes of “The Scoop” on the JAC in the meantime. Can’t wait for the return of Jai-Alai in HD!

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