“The Scoop” Interview on the JAC Tuesday Dec 15 at 12:30 pm – Michael Carballo

Andrew Blechman, Producer of the Jai-Alai Channel (JAC) interviews Magic City Jai-Alai player, Michael Carballo, tomorrow at 12:30 pm. Carballo recently won 2nd place prize money of $2,500 in the singles division of the first ever U.S. National Jai-Alai Championship Tournament held at Magic City Jai-Alai in Miami on December 5th and 6th in 2020.

This is Carballo’s first interview on the JAC and should be an interesting one. Jai-Alai fans won’t want to miss this special interview of “The Scoop.”

Magic City Jai-Alai Returns Soon!

Magic City Jai-Alai players are off the rest of December but will be practicing the month of January and then return to professional Jai-Alai action starting on Saturday, February 6th for an additional 10-weeks of Jai-Alai in 2021 (February through mid-April) This is in addition to the regular Magic City Jai-Alai season from May through November. Performances for the 10-week meet will be once a day for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. While the other Jai-Alai venues have shut-down or pared-back schedules, Magic City Jai-Alai is going the other direction and increasing their schedule. Many thanks to Magic City COO, Scott Savin, for his dedication to the tradition of Jai-Alai and his efforts in promoting the faster short-court Jai-Alai version of this fascinating centuries old sport!

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