Magic City 2022 Short-Season Final Jai-Alai Pelota Report

The 2022 short-season ended on Tuesday 4/19 at the Magic City Jai-Alai fronton in Miami, Florida at the Magic City Casino near Miami International Airport. Here is the full report for this incredible Jai-Alai Pelota game meet in the magical city!

Carballo nailed the Golden Cesta Award for the most singles wins in the final week with 4-wins while Nicolas was 2nd with 3-wins. This was Carballo’s 2nd GCA in the last 3-weeks and his 8th GCA since the start of the 2019 season. He is only headed in total Golden Cesta Awards by Douglas with 34 and RonRon with 16. Congratulations Carballo! Click Here for tables showing Golden Cesta Award Stats including the number of Golden Cesta Awards for each player along with a listing of each weekly winner of this award.

The 2022 Singles Championship leader with the most singles wins thru the end of the short-season was Carballo with 20-wins. He currently leads Bueno and Goixerri, both with 15-wins. Ikeda is next with 11-wins, followed by Bradley / Douglas / Jeden with 10-wins each. The Singles Championship continues for all of 2022 which ends in late November. Click Here for weekly updates on the 2022 SIngles Championship.

The 2022 1st Doubles Tournament for the intense Jai-Alai Pelota doubles games ended on Monday 4/17. The team of Ikeda-Bradley took home first prize of $5,000 with 9-wins while Juice-Manu took 2nd place honors and a check for $2,500 with 7-wins. Click Here for weekly updates on the 2022 Doubles Tournaments. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the Doubles Tournaments page for a historical chart showing Doubles Tournament winners along with stats at Magic City Jai-Alai.

The combined singles and doubles game stats for all players is shown for the Jai-Alai traditionalists who are used to seeing stats in this format. Carballo leads 2022 with 27-wins with Goixerri 2nd with 21-wins. Ikeda is 3rd with 20-wins while Bradley & Bueno are right behind with 19-wins. There is no Magic City award at the end of the season for combined wins as singles and doubles games are treated separately. Click Here for weekly updates on the 2022 Combined Singles and Doubles Statistics.

Magic City’s end of the short-season also meant there were Force-Outs (aka mandatory payouts) for the Jackpot wagers on Tuesday 4/19. The Jai-5, a $1.00 Pick 5 Jackpot wager, paid $2,550.10 to each of (3) lucky winners who had 4 of 5 winners correctly selected. There was one ticket live with the first 4-winners which needed the 8-post team of Jeden-Nicolas to score the entire Jackpot of $7,650.40 should they have won. The Mighty Ocho Jackpot wager, a $1.00 Pick 8 wager, paid a handsome $1,000 to each of (5) lucky winners who correctly selected 5 of 8 winners on their tickets. Both wagers continue for the regular season Jai-Alai Pelota games on May 1. Click Here for the full listing of Magic City Big Jackpot Winners which also includes all Force-Out payoffs for Magic City Jai-Alai since 2019 when Jackpot wagers first began.

Monday 4/18 was also a day of interest for Magic City Jai-Alai as the front pad was lowered 4-inches. Monday also marked the return of RonRon to the singles games at Magic City. RonRon had been sidelined due to back issues and ultimately back surgery and a lengthy recovery. He had been playing recently in doubles games but Monday was his first singles game debut. RonRon was injured on July 27, 2021 in game 6. RonRon did get a show on one of his four singles games over Monday and Tuesday. Check out SayHiLi’s Injury Report to keep up-to-date on players. We expect to see Cool Fitness return on May 1 from his hamstring injury and Spinner to return in May or June from his achilles injury. SayHiLi wishes a speedy return to the Jai-Alai professionals!

Jai-Alai action returns on May 1st to Magic City for the Jai-Alai Pelota games at 1:30-pm featuring traditional pari-mutuel wagering along with the 5-pm Jai-Alai H2H matches for the NEW Sports Wagering thru BetRivers. May 1st also features the return of FREE contests; an online fantasy contest covering all 3-days of H2H match action and another one for the Sunday Live fans in attendance for H2H, May 1st.

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