Battle Court H2H Championship Update

What a match-up it was today with the Warriors and Cyclones putting it all on the line in the inaugural season of the Battle Court H2H “Battle Royale” Championship. The Championship was a best of 5, winner take all (each match worth 1 point).

Ikeda & Manny of the Cyclones started off with a straight set victory (6-4, 6-4) over the Warriors Inaki & Julen. This match was back and forth with only one 3-point separation by Inaki & Julen in the second set.

The second doubles match went 3-sets with Joseph & Manu of the Cyclones beating Diaz & Bradley (6-1, 5-6, 6-2) with some outstanding play. Joseph & Manu had a 5-point run in the first set, then another 5-point run in the third set to seal the win.

With a 2-0 Cyclones lead in “Battle Royale,” the Warriors were on the brink of defeat with Bueno & Nicolas taking on Jeden & Manny. Bueno & Nicolas took a straight set victory (6-3, 6-3) over Jeden & Manny to keep the Warrior’s hopes alive. Manny exhibited some amazing catches in the match.

The Championship’s only scheduled singles match featured Julen of the Warriors and Carballo of the Cyclones. This singles match-up with the 6-0 singles leader, Carballo; winning in 3-sets (3-6, 6-4, 6-1) to clinch the “Battle Royale” Championship for the Cyclones.

What a day it was with each member of the Cyclones taking home $4,000 and each member of the Warriors taking home $1,000. Joseph even treated the crowd to one of his famous back-flips after the victory. This was an amazing season! A new group of matches called Jai-Alai H2H Championship Series will debut on Monday with more games on Tuesday, then a short break and the Jai-Alai H2H Championship Series will resume on May 1 with doubles matches on Sundays and singles matches on Mondays & Tuesdays.  These do not have the squad aspect like Battle Court, however stay tuned as Battle Court II is coming this fall with a few great tweaks to make it even better!  Remember to check for updates and more details.

The table below shows the “Battle Royale” Championship point summary by set and match.

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