Magic City Fronton Jai-5 Jackpot Could Pay $10,000 or More Today!

The Magic City Fronton Jai-5 wager has now gone 15-consecutive performances without a single winning ticket with 5 of 5 correct winners. The Jackpot currently stands at $7,468 going into today’s performance. estimates there will be a lot of attention on this Jackpot wager today and expects the payoff to be in excess of $10,000 if there is ONE lucky winner with 5 of 5. Jackpot wager rules dictate there must only be one single winning ticket with 5 of 5 correct winners for the Jackpot to be paid out. Worst case scenario for those taking on this risk and having one of multiple 5 of 5 winners or the most correct winners is a share of 40% of what was wagered on the Jai-5 for that performance.

The Jai-5 is a $1.00 wager and the Jackpot has been paid out 133 times since the bet first started.

As always, Good Luck to those participating!

Steve M.

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