Magic City Tournament Dates Released for August 2023 for USNJAC and World Super Court

The 4th Annual USNJAC Tournament at the Magic City Fronton in Miami, Florida is slated for August 11-13 this year. This tournament features both the Masters Division (amateur) and Pro Division with both singles and doubles events for each division. The USNJAC Tournament is open only to U.S. citizens. The Magic City Fronton is located on the 2nd floor inside the Magic City Casino.

Last year’s Pro Singles winner was Inaki ($7,500) with Aratz taking 2nd place ($2,500). The Pro Doubles winner was the brother team of Goixerri-Aratz ($10,000) with another brother team of Inaki-Julen ($5,000) securing 2nd place.

The 2nd Annual World Super Court Doubles Tournament is a 2-day event this year and is also at the Magic City Fronton. The dates for this professional tournament event is August 26-27 which is a Saturday/Sunday event. This year the tournament is an Invitational Tournament unlike last year when the tourney had (4) separate qualifying events, including one overseas qualifier, before the final event at Magic City Fronton with the 8-top teams.

The first WSC tourney winners were the Magic City brother’s team of Goixerri-Aratz ($25,000) with another Magic City brother’s team, Inaki-Julen, finishing 2nd ($10,000).

The SayHiLi website has a complete history for both the USNJAC and World Super Court events on this site.

Magic City Fronton is closed for Pelota games and Battle Court matches the months of July and August this year. Pelota games at Magic City feature the traditional pari-mutuel wagering for Jai-Alai while Battle Court matches feature the new sports wagering on Jai-Alai matches. Both types of these short-court Jai-Alai performances at the Magic City Fronton in Miami are rising in popularity. Short-court Jai-Alai on Magic City Fronton’s 120′ x 33′ court are among the fastest games of Jai-Alai available for fans; much faster-paced than the long-court games where the courts typically range from 170-180 feet in length.

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