Magic City Pari-Mutuel Games Resume Monday, April 30th

Magic City’s pari-mutuel games, called their Pelota games, ended the 10-week 2023 meet on Tuesday, April 18th.

The Pelota players get a short 1-week break and resume Pelota action on Sunday, April 30th. Pelota games will be played on Sunday/Monday/Tuesdays at 1:30-pm EST until June 27th. There will be no pelota games for July and August as those are tournament months where the court will be used for tournament practice and for the USNJAC and World Super Court events which take place in August this year.

Pelota action resumes on Tuesday, September 5th where there’s a schedule change. These pari-mutuel games will be played on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday at 1:30-pm EST until Tuesday, December 5th.

Be sure to check out Magic City’s other version of Jai-Alai called Battle Court.

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