Magic City Special Sundays Coming Soon!  Don’t Miss This!

Super Bowl Sunday, February 11th, marks the start of a new meet for the Magic City pelota games.  There are some interesting changes that will be in effect for Magic City on Sundays early in this meet and here is some scoop on what’s planned.

Sunday, Feb 11 will be regular pelota games with the standard 8-games.  There will be no Battle Court matches following the pelota games this day as it conflicts with NFL.

Now here is where it gets interesting!  The next three Sundays (Feb 18, Feb 25, Mar 3) there will be a 5-game pelota performance prior to the Battle Court matches.  The Jai-5 wager will encompass those five games.  Three of the 5-games, games 3-5, are part of a special Championship Doubles Series which may or may not include some players that are Battle Court only players.  After March 3, Sundays will be back to normal at the Magic City Fronton with the regular 8-games of high-energy pelota action.

Here is something new that’s added after the first five games on Sundays Feb 18 through March 3.  There will be pari-mutuel wagering on games 6-11 which are the 6-Battle Court matches those days.  Fans can wager on the outcome of the Battle Court matches, which I believe will be similar to wagering on the partido matches at Dania.  Those Battle Court matches will be played as the typical BC matches are, three sets to 6-single points, first one to win 2-sets wins the match.

Sunday pelota action begins at 1:30-pm.  The early meet for Magic City is Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 1:30-pm while later in the year for the Fall meet the days switch to Monday through Wednesday to not conflict with NFL.

All games every Sunday are open to the public for Live Viewing!

Don’t forget the upcoming Battle Court matches start this coming Friday night, February 2nd, at 7-pm EST!  There is an expanded Battle Court roster with 6-teams now instead of 5-teams.  The world-famous Lopez and four others have joined the BC roster.  You won’t want to miss this!

Mo Crank

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