What’s New at Magic City Fronton – Lopez Plays Today!

Get ready, the world-famous Lopez takes to the short-court at the Magic City Fronton tonight with two appearances in doubles matches, Match 1 at 5-pm EST and Match 5 of the 6-scheduled matches:

Match 1: Ikeda-Lopez (+280) vs Douglas-Julen (-435)

I would assume Douglas-Julen are heavily favored due to the inexperience of Lopez on the Magic City short-court. This should be an interesting match!

Match 5: Flores-Lopez (+320) vs Correa-Manny (-500)

Another interesting match here with the Lopez team a big underdog. I’m sure some fans out there are dropping a few bucks on Lopez in both of these matches at those odds.

Former Magic City player, Michael Diaz, is a team manage for the new Battle Court team, the Fireballs! The Fireballs made their first BC appearance last night and won two of the 6-matches in some hotly contested ones. There were 8.0 total points available for teams to win and the final night score was Fireballs 2.5 and Chargers 5.5. Congratulations Michael on your new role as team manager!

Last night Zulaika received Player of the Day honors from Stu & Andrew for winning both of his matches. New player Cabrera of the Fireballs won both of his matches and is off to a great start with a big payday on his first appearance at Magic City Fronton.

If you have not yet seen Battle Court Jai-Alai matches, you are missing a real treat as this is some REAL fast short-court Jai-Alai action, the likes of which you have never seen before. Jai-Alai on the short court is a much faster game with more catches and returns per minute than the “traditional” courts in the US. A Jai-Alai player on the Magic City short-court has to be ready at all times and there’s no time to phone mom and say hi between shots like on the longer courts, haha. FACT: Short-courts the length of 120-feet like Magic City have been around in Spain and Cuba long before any of us were born! So what really is the definition of “traditional” anyway?

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