Magic City Jai-Alai Jackpot Force-Outs on Tuesday!

The Jackpots must be paid-out on Tuesday at the Magic City Pelota games (aka Pari-Mutuel wagering games) to the lucky handicappers who have tickets with the most winners correctly selected for both the Jai-5 and the Mighty Ocho Jackpot wagers.

There are two more performances before the Tuesday Force-Out (aka Mandatory Payout). The Jai-5 is currently above the $2,000 guaranteed minimum and is $2,717.60 going into Sunday’s Pelota games. The Mighty Ocho, a $1.00 Pick 8 Jackpot wager, is at $766.80 but has a $5,000 guarantee which will be the minimum amount paid out on Tuesday to be split among those with the most correct winners of games 1-8. The Jai-5 is also a $1.00 wager and has been hit twice this season by single winning tickets for the Jackpot with payoffs of $2,000 and a huge payoff of $12,426 which is the 2nd largest Jai-5 payoff in Magic City history. Even if the Jai-5 is hit on Sunday or Monday’s Pelota games, there will still be at least $2,000 paid out to be split among lucky handicappers who have the most winners correctly selected for games 3-7.

Click Here for a complete listing of all the Jackpot payouts in Magic City history, including all Force-Out payoffs.

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