2024 Magic City Pelota Schedule Starts Sunday!

The action-packed Magic City Pelota games start up again on this coming Sunday, Feb 11, with the debut of Magic City’s 7th year, yes the 7th year!  Congratulations Magic City Fronton for keeping the Jai-Alive!  Magic City Fronton’s Pelota games schedule for early in 2024 is Sunday through Tuesday at 1:30-pm. 

The Battle Court sports-betting version of Jai-Alai is Monday & Tuesday (5-pm EST following the Pelota games) and Friday (7-pm EST, Live fan attendance, been huge crowds) with a 6th Battle Court team added for this Spring Meet called the Fireballs.  World-famous Lopez (#2 in the world) took to the Magic City Fronton court on Tue, Feb 6th, for his first competitive match there with the Cyclones and won his first doubles match after quickly adapting to the short-court!  Congrats Lopez and welcome to the Magic City Fronton!

Pelota games start at 1:30-pm EST on Sunday and Sundays are also the day when fans can attend these fast-paced short-court games at the Magic City Fronton inside the Magic City Casino near the Miami International Airport (former home of the Flagler greyhound track).

All of the same wagers are still available at Magic City, including the high-paying Jai-5, a $1.00 Pick 5 jackpot wager games 3-7 with a $2,000 min guarantee, AND the Mighty Ocho, a $1.00 Pick 8 jackpot wager games 1-8 with a $5,000 min guarantee.  The record Jai-5 jackpot currently stands at a massive $27,348 payoff!  Sounds like ultra-Lobsta-time, right Pauly!

This new meet also kicks off another Magic City Fronton Doubles Tournament with firm teams for the tourney duration.  Here are the new 12-teams (front court-back court):

Anderluck-Julen, Bueno-Robin, Cool Fitness-Aratz, CRB-Benny, Douglas-Kubala, El Barba-Manu, Goixerri-Flores, Inaki-Bradley, Ikeda-Ben, Jeden-Manny, Jairo-Tennessee, Juice-Nicolas

SayHiLi’s Steve predicts the top 5-teams to watch here (in alphabetical order) are Anderluck-Julen, Douglas-Kubala, Goixerri-Flores, Ikeda-Ben and Jairo-Tennessee.

You may have noticed Kubala and Inaki are back!  SayHiLi wishes them the best for 2024.  Kubala had been out for a lengthy period following an Achilles injury in 2023.  Kubala is playing in games 1 & 2 on opening week, so this should be an interesting test to see his level of recovery after the long layoff.

Special Sundays are for 3-continuous Sundays and start on Feb 18 and end on March 3 and they are indeed special.  There will be 3-Doubles Super Series games each of those Sundays, games 3-5, which will also be the $1.00 Pick 3 games for these days with the low Magic City Pick-X 20% takeout rate.  These special doubles games will feature the same teams for the series of all 9-games with all the traditional Magic City wagers these days (except the Mighty Ocho).  Players in the Doubles Super Series include the top Magic City Pelota talent and also the following Battle Court players:  Lopez, Olharan, Zulaika, Iturbide and Urbieta.  There is also another big addition to pelota game wagering on games 6-11 on the Special Sundays, making them “Super ++ Special” those days.  Wait a minute, games 6-11??, yes  I said games 6-11, what?? 11-games??…. stay tuned to SayHiLi for these forthcoming details!  You won’t want to miss this!

Hold on now, Lopez playing in Pelota games?  Yes, I said Lopez is playing in a total of 9-Pelota doubles games at Magic City Fronton on the Special Sundays!  You won’t want to miss this!  Keep checking back to SayHiLi.com next week for the (8) Doubles Teams for the Doubles Super Series on the Special Sundays starting February 18!  You seriously won’t want to miss this if you call yourself a fan of any version of Jai-Alai; the top professional Jai-Alai talent in the USA, and No. 2 in the World, all competing at Magic City Casino on the Magic City short-court!

Be sure to get ready for Sunday’s Pelota opener this week and fund your WatchandWager account to be ready for some real super-fast Jai-Alai with south Florida’s top pro talent at the Magic City Fronton!  If you don’t have an account with Watch and Wager, go to watchandwager.com to sign up.  If you aren’t sure about your state’s eligibility for allowing Jai-Alai wagers then contact W&W customer service at 1-888-204-9150 between the hours of noon to 8-pm EST.  Connecticut only allows Jai-Alai wagering through mywinners.com so you must use them for your ADW (advance deposit wagering) if you reside in Connecticut.  Now if you aren’t in a Jai-friendly state, be sure to partner up with a friend who resides in a Jai-friendly state so you can split wagers with them by them placing your joint wagers in their account from that Jai-friendly state.  Sounds like a plan, so get working on that plan to “Keep the Jai-Alive” if you’ve been making excuses for not being able to wager!  The Jai-friendly state list changes periodically so be sure to check with the ADW Jai-Alai providers (W&W and mywinners) for updates.

Don’t forget – this Sunday at 1:30-pm for the debut of Magic City Fronton’s 7th year AND The Big Game, both in the same day!  Wow, gonna be a great day of high-energy sports action!  I can’t wait!!!!!


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