Today is the Day! Magic City Fronton Returns for Year 7!

Get ready for the REAL DEAL super-fast action-packed short-court Jai-Alai today at 1:30-pm EST! This is Magic City Fronton’s 7th year of Pelota Jai-Alai game action and the fans are ready and waiting! Pelota games are the Pari-Mutuel wagering games (aka Quiniela games) with 8-teams or singles players in each game with round-robin point scoring called “The Spectacular Seven” or Spec 7 where points are 1-point each until the 8-post has had their first chance to play, then points are double. The first team or singles player to 7-points (or more) wins the game.

Three players return from injuries today and make appearances in both singles and doubles games.

Bradley returns and plays in mid-game singles 3&4 (posts 6 and 4) and is paired with Inaki in doubles in post 3 of game 7. SayHiLi Steve apologizes for inadvertently missing the return of Bradley in the recent blog post on this site. Get ready for those powerful Bradley serves! Welcome back Bradley!

Kubala also makes his return in early-game singles 1&2 (posts 4 and 2) and is paired with the amazing Douglas in game 7 doubles from the lucrative post 2. This is definitely one of the teams to watch in this early doubles tourney for 2024.

Inaki returns to Pelota in Magic City Fronton’s feature games 6&8 against the top USA talent of Goixerri, Douglas, Manu, Jairo and more! These games are the most competitive singles games in US Jai-Alai history in far more than 20-years. Today Inaki has post 1 in game 6 and the tough post 7 in today’s game 8 Pelota finale. Inaki’s debut in the doubles tourney is with Bradley in game 7.

There are new tables set-up to capture the 2024 scratches and injury info on this website if and when those occur. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the page under “Pari-Mutuel Wagering” to find these tables and past history also. If there are no scratches for the day, there will be no line of scratch data appearing in this table and this scratch data table is updated quickly for inquiring minds.

Also, a big hearty welcome back to Stu Neiman and Andrew Blechman, the dynamic-duo of Jai-Alai announcing! Have a great 2024 everyone and Happy Handicapping! What a prelude to the big game or the superb owl today! I can’t wait!

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