Doubles Teams Announced for Special Sundays and More Info!

(3) consecutive Sundays, Feb 18-Mar 3, 2024, games 3-5, here are the same (8) teams for all (9) Doubles Super Series games. These teams were announced yesterday during the opening day of 2024 pelota games at the Magic City Fronton:

  1. Goixerri-Manny
  2. Olharan-Urbieta
  3. Jairo-Nicolas
  4. Zulaika-Julen
  5. Douglas-Benny
  6. Inaki-Lopez
  7. Iturbide-Manu
  8. Carballo-Aratz

NOTE:  Because a few players competing are only playing pelota games on these Special Sundays (they are Battle Court only players), it only made sense to lock-in several players into the same posts for the set of 9-games to avoid purchase of a full set of (8) numbered jerseys for posts 1-8.  The two teams with the same post for all 9-doubles games are:  Olharan-Urbieta Post 2, Inaki-Lopez Post 6. This actually makes for an interesting twist for the Magic City Fronton handicappers!

Games 1-2 singles on the Special Sundays will feature the game 3&4 mid-game players for the Daily Double.  The Jai-5 will encompass games 1-5 those days.  There will be a Pick 3 games 3-5, along with the other traditional pari-mutuel wagers.  These games will all be 7-point games with points doubling after post 8 plays for the first time (i.e. Spec 7 games).

There will be a break between games 5 and 6.  Games 6-11 will be the actual BC matches planned for those days but with pari-mutuel win wagering on them.  The entire games 1-11 will be considered one pari-mutuel event for FL Gaming.  Battle Court has no meaning to FL Gaming (not regulated by them) so these games 6-11 are being called H2H matches (head-to-head matches) with Win betting on what doubles team or singles player wins the match.  The point scoring for these H2H matches for purposes of FL gaming will be like this; you get 1-point by winning a set, first one to 2-points wins the match.  There will be the typical Battle Court sports betting (not in FL at this time of course) along with the Stu & Drew Battle Court announcing on these matches, however, the JAC chat will be cut-off after game 5 of the Special Sundays.

Be sure to get join Watch and Wager with an ADW account and if you already have one, make sure it’s funded to take advantage of these upcoming Special Sundays! Also, what great days to attend the games in-person at the Magic City Fronton for these Special Sundays. Sundays are the days for live-viewing for fans at Magic City so be sure to take advantage and even plan a trip around this!

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