Details for the 2023 World Super Court Tournament

Here are the details for the upcoming 2023 2nd Annual World Super Court at Magic City Fronton in Miami, Florida on Saturday and Sunday, August 26-27.

The 2023 WSC is a 2-day Invitational Tournament this year. The following is information received from Andrew Blechman of Magic City Fronton.

Instead of a bracket there will be a group of play round similar to the World Cup in soccer. There will be two groups (A and B), each with 5-teams. Each team will play (4) qualifying matches against each of the other teams in their group on Saturday, August 26th, the first day of the WSC. The top two teams in each group will advance to the semi-finals on Sunday. The first place team in group A will play the second place team in Group B, and vice versa. The winners will play each other for the finals for the 1st and 2nd place prize money.

Saturday features (20) total matches to 8-points each, with 10-matches for each of group A and B. Sunday’s final matches will be like the Battle Court matches with 3-sets to 6-points each, with the first team to win 2-sets advancing in the tourney.

Saturday matches start at 11-am EST

Sunday finale matches start at 1-pm EST

Additional info added 8/22 am:

Here are the 10teams for this invitational tourney. The 2022 WSC first and second place finishers: Goixerri-Aratz and Inaki-Julen. Plus these 8-additional teams: Alex-Douglas, Bixente-Tambour, Carballo-Ubilla, Hormaetxea-Urbieta, Iturbide-Nicolas, Patxi-Manu, Urriesti-Manci and Zulaika-Benny.

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