First Day of 2020 U.S. National Jai-Alai Championship a Huge Success!

Day 1 of the 2020 US National Jai-Alai Championship was a huge success at Magic City Jai-Alai in Miami with singles and doubles games displaying the Jai-Alai talents of U.S. citizens ranging from amateurs to professional players from all the active Jai-Alai frontons in the USA. The play was watched by hundreds of Jai-Alai fans across the country in HD on JAC (the Jai-Alai Channel) and lasted for 6-hours. Tournament announcer Stu Neiman and side-kick Andrew Blechman did a tremendous job announcing the tournament and should be commended for their professionalism and background knowledge of the participants provided to the JAC viewers. The brackets were shown numerous times throughout the tourney and the event was easy for fans to follow. Live tournament viewing at Magic City was not allowed to make the event safer for all in these trying times. The finals start at 10 am on Sunday and Jai-Alai fans won’t want to miss this with $20,000 in prize money on the line along with some exceptional short-court Jai-Alai match-ups!

Here are the scores for all the singles and doubles matches for the first day of short-court tournament action from Magic City Jai-Alai on December 5th. Alternating serving was used for the tournament.

I cannot guarantee that in doubles games the front court player is listed first in all cases (it should be accurate for Magic City and Dania players). Score for one of the matches may have been missed. These scores are provided by from Steve M’s documentation of the games on the JAC during the first day of the event.

2020 U.S. National Jai-Alai Championship Singles Games for Saturday, Dec 5, games to 6-single points:

Bradley beat Gallo 6-1

Arrieta beat Casio 6-4

Frank beat Rey 6-2

Angel beat James 6-5

Minte beat Matt 6-3

Goixerri beat Gitty Up 6-0

Anderluck moves on over Belota (conceded due to injury)

Tevin beat Super Jules 6-0

Spinner beat Bernhard II 6-1

Goitia beat Cachin47 6-1

Ari beat Gorka 6-4

Ant beat Larrea 6-5

Douglas beat Chris 6-0

Kubala beat Beach 6-1

Barracuda beat Chia 6-4

Ikeda beat T-Bone 6-0

Bueno beat DeCarlo 6-2

Jeden beat Monte 6-4

El Barba beat Jay 6-4

Petro beat Ben 6-4

Carballo beat Unterria 6-0

CRB beat Navarro 6-3

Singles Playback Rounds:

PB 1:  Casio 6, James 4, Rey 2

PB 2:  Matt 6, Gitty Up 3, Super Jules 1

PB 3:  Cachin47 beat Barnhard II 6-0

PB 4:  Chia beat Chris 6-4

PB 5:  DeCarlo beat T-Bone 6-5

PB 6:  Monte beat Jay 6-4

PB 7:  Ben 6, Unterria 1, Navarro 1

2020 U.S. National Jai-Alai Championship Doubles Games for Saturday, Dec 5, games to 6-single points:

Frank-Gallo beat Chris-Gitty Up 6-4

Angel-Ikeda beat Barracuda-King 6-1

Jeden-Tevin beat Beach-Matt 6-0

Johan-Gorka beat Chuch-Super Jules 6-2

CRB-Spinner beat DeCarlo-James 6-1

Jairo-Larrea beat Belota-Ant 6-1

Anderluck-Bradley beat Bernhard II-Navarro 6-0

Paul-Kubala beat Casio-Petro 6-4

Bueno-Douglas beat Monte-T-Bone 6-1

Chia-Ari beat El Barba-Tennessee 6-2

Doubles Playback Rounds (first team to 6-single points wins):

PB1:  Matt-Beach 6, Barracuda-King 5, Chris-Gitty Up 0

PB 2:  Ant-Belota 6, Chuch-Super Jules 4, Casio-Petra 4

PB 3:  Monte-T-Bone 6, El Barba-Tennessee  4, DeCarlo-James 4, Bernhard II-Navarro 1

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