Impressive Jai-Alai Program Listings Now on eBay!

If anyone is interested in Jai-Alai programs there are many to choose from right now on eBay with almost every USA fronton represented (Chicago Rainbo and NY Hippodrome excluded). Many new listings in the past several days are very high quality ones which are generally very hard to find. Just do a search for “Jai-Alai Programs” and be sure to select “recent listings.”

EBay seller “wheresrusty_612” has at least 25-listings for some impressive programs and most are on auction, as opposed to Buy It Now ones, so some good deals for high quality programs could happen over the next 5-days! Be sure to check for “writing” in programs and if the seller doesn’t list whether there’s writing or not. One can pretty much expect there is writing if it’s not mentioned so be sure to ask the seller if you are unsure after looking at photos of Jai-Alai programs in a seller’s listing. Also, some sellers won’t show you the photos of pages with writing, so beware and ask questions if unsure.

There is a very rare 1937 Fronton Mexico one and a high quality hard-to-find 1964 Daytona Jai-Alai program listed by seller “wheresrusty_612” who also lists a lot of greyhound racing programs from time to time. There have been some very high prices on greyhound racing programs the last few years with some selling for over $100. With only 2-greyhound tracks left in the USA, both in W. Virginia, collecting greyhound racing programs has become very popular and prices have gone up.

I recommend you take a look at eBay now as it’s rare for so many decent Jai-Alai programs to be available at one time on eBay.

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