Jai-Alai Sports Betting Available in 14-States & More Coming!

Options for sports wagering on Magic City Fronton’s Battle Court matches are on the rise with the addition of DraftKings as an new partner.  Previously BetRivers was the only option for Jai-Alai sports bet wagering, offering (8) states; AZ, CO, IA, IL, NJ, PA, VA and WV.  DraftKings is available in all of these eight states except Colorado and also offers Jai-Alai sports bets in (6) additional states; KS, NH, OR, TN, WA and WY.  Thus there are now (14) states and with Massachusetts just recently approved for Jai-Alai sports wagers, there will soon be (15) states available as DraftKings operates in MA.

Jai-Alai sports wagering has been approved in Nevada for some time, but BetRivers and DraftKings do not operate in this state, so a new provider is required to get Nevada added to the picture.

Don’t miss out on the fall Battle Court season which just started.  Friday nights at 7-pm EST are a great family outing for (6) Battle Court matches each Friday night at the Magic City Fronton located inside the Magic City Casino near Miami International Airport.  The entire six matches take around three hours and it’s FREE to enter and watch.  You might even run into some celebrities.  Battle Court matches are also on Monday and Tuesday at 5-pm EST.  These are not live attendance events like Friday nights, but all matches can be seen on Magic City Fronton’s YouTube channel. 

Magic City Fronton has some of the top Jai-Alai talent in the world with players like Goixerri and Manu! Also, for those sports bettors wanting to get an edge on wagering on these Battle Court Jai-Alai matches, be sure to check out Mo Crank’s Jai•Speed Stat Pack to get the latest fall Battle Court stats and also the Spring 2023 Battle Court stats on the SayHiLi.com website.

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