Lucky Bettor Nails all 8-Winners for $5,000 Mighty Ocho Jackpot

The Jackpot Force-Outs proved lucky for one bettor for the Tuesday, July 28th performance at Magic City Fronton in Miami, Florida.  The bettor hit all (8) winners on their Mighty Ocho ticket to take home the $5,000 guaranteed Jai-Alai Jackpot Wager.  This is the second time in Magic City Jai-Alai history where a bettor has correctly selected all 8-winners on this “mighty difficult” $1.00 Pick 8 wager.

The winning numbers in the sequence were “ 1-2-2-3-2-2-2-3” for races 1-8.  Historically, posts 1-2-3 win the most games for the round-robin format of the Spectacular-7 Jai-Alai games which are featured at Magic City’s 1:30-pm Pelota games, which are games featuring the traditional pari-mutuel wagering bets commonly seen at horse tracks throughout the country.  Statistically, there are 16,777,216 possibilities of outcomes for a Pick 8 wager with 8-betting entries each game, however, many of them are virtually statistically impossible due to the round-robin format plus the fact there are some players who are much stronger than others.

Congratulations to the lucky bettor or bettors scoring this historical win!

Note from the will-pays photo below that posts 3 & 4, Goixerri and Douglas, were both live for 8/8 going into the final leg, the result of the game was 3-4-2.

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