Magic City Battle Court Roster Growing for 2024 – WOW Lopez & Olharan Plus More!

Some really big names are joining the Magic City Battle Court Jai-Alai roster for February 2024 including top world-renowned talents Lopez and Olharan.  The other four new players are Duke-Hernandez, Chris Cabrera, Amigorena and Foronda.

The world-renowned Lopez last played in the US at the Miami Jai-Alai fronton during the 2020-21 meet competing against the likes of Goiko, Aritz and Erik.  Olharan played at Ft. Pierce during 2013-14.  Both Lopez and Olharan have extensive international circuit experience.  Duke-Hernandez has played at the Dania, Miami and Ft. Pierce frontons as well as the international circuit.  Chris Cabrera played at Calder Jai-Alai from 2019-2021 under the player name of El Nino while Amigorena and Foronda were very popular regulars at Dania Jai-Alai for a number of years, both departing in 2021.

Iriondo is the only current player not playing at Magic City next year as he is returning to Spain to finish studies for his engineering degree.  Iriondo is a fan favorite and will be sorely missed!  We wish him the best with his engineering studies and career.

Magic City Fronton will be officially announcing this information today, Dec. 4, during their Pelota Game broadcast with game 1 starting at 1:30-pm EST.  Stu Neiman and Andrew Blechman will be discussing this info on The Jai-Alai Network on YouTube so don’t miss out be sure to have your questions ready for the chat where they interact with the fans!  Coverage of today’s 8-Pelota games (aka Pari-Mutuel games) starts at 1:20-pm EST.

Here is the YouTube link:

The six new players are joining the Magic City roster for the expansion of Battle Court Jai-Alai which will grow to 6-teams from the current 5-team World Jai-Alai League (WJAL).  This expansion of an additional Battle Court team will likely require additional match day(s) with exact info TBD.  The next Battle Court draft is scheduled for January 9 so players and teams can prep for the next Battle Court season which starts in early February.   These new players will make the fast-paced  short-court Jai-Alai Battle Court matches even more competitive at the Magic City Fronton.

Battle Court sports betting match wagers are currently done through DraftKings or BetRivers online sportsbooks.  DraftKings is currently available for Jai-Alai Battle Court sports wagers for customers in AZ, IA, IL, KS, NH, MA, NJ, OR, PA, TN, WA, WY, WV plus Ontario, Canada.  BetRivers is currently available in AZ, CO, IA, IL, NJ, PA, VA, WV plus Ontario, Canada for your Battle Court sports wagers.  Expansion efforts for Battle Court sports wagers are ongoing so stay tuned for more states to follow.

Magic City will also be announcing an additional treat for Jai-Alai fans; (3) Sundays of Pelota Games (aka pari-mutuel Jai-Alai games) in February 2024 where there will be (3) feature Championship Doubles Pelota Games each Sunday where the best players will compete, including the new Battle Court players.  These games will have the standard 8-teams and be played under the traditional Spec-7 format where points double after the first round and the first team to 7-points or more wins the game.  Some details are still being finalized; however there will be more games than the Magic City traditional 8-games on these special Sundays.  These special Sundays will be LIVE events where fans are invited to attend the Magic City Fronton at the Magic City Casino in Miami, Florida!

Note:  The current Fall 2023 Battle Court season has two key events coming very soon this month; the Playoff Dec. 11 at 5-pm EST and the Championship Final on Dec. 15 at 7-pm EST.  The Dec. 11 Playoff is between the 2nd and 3rd place teams to decide who faces off against the 1st place team in the finals on Friday night, Dec. 15.  Fridays are always LIVE events where fans can enjoy the exciting Battle Court Jai-Alai action for FREE at the Magic City Fronton!

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