Magic City Casino Sale but Jai-Alai is NOT Part of the Sale; Jai-Alai Expands for 2023!

There have been lots of rumors in recent months and all have been a bunch of BS in predicting the end of Magic City Jai-Alai with the sale of the Magic City Casino in Miami, Florida.

Stu Neiman has released the following statement today “While a change in the ownership of Magic City Casino may be taking place there will be no change in the ownership of Magic City Jai-Alai. The same ownership group which founded the program in 2018 will continue to operate the program with expansion in 2023.”

This is good news of course and Magic City Jai-Alai remains alive and well for 2023! There is even a roster expansion for 2023! Thanks Magic City Fronton for “Keepin’ the Jai-Alive!”

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