Magic City Jai-Alai Resumes Saturday, September 11 with Changes

This September 11th marks a vivid reminder in American history with the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack in the US where 2,996 people were killed and more than were 6,000 injured in the falling of the Twin Towers at The World Trade Center, the attack on the Pentagon and in the crash of United Airlines Flt 93 outside Shankville, PA. asks all of those reading this to take pause and ask yourselves if all the partisan bickering, hate and division in this country is really worth it? We can’t let one former president’s big lie about his election loss and a simple refusal to concede his loss become another 9/11 in our great country! We should have learned on 9/11/2001 how bad terrorism can be and we simply cannot allow the spread of domestic terrorism from a former disgruntled president to cause “the fall of Rome.” We are supposed to be the greatest nation in the world? It’s time to accept the election facts, not conspiracy theories, look in the mirror, reverse course and ALL Americans need to start acting like REAL American patriots again! What ever happened to “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself?” Enough of the crazed death threats, it’s gotten so fucking ridiculous that Americans would allow OUR democracy to turn into something so moronically chaotic because of one disgruntled person and compulsive liar who has been spoiled his entire life! This simply can’t continue or this country is doomed to fail. There will be no “winners.”

Let’s celebrate Jai-Alai this 9/11 on Saturday with the return of Magic City short-court Jai-Alai in Miami, Florida where the Magic City roster decisively proved on August 29th this year at the USNJAC they have the best short-court Jai-Alai players in the USA! thanks Magic City Jai-Alai for keeping the long accepted short-court version of the Jai-Alai sport alive!

Here are the latest updates for Magic City Jai-Alai:

New 2nd generation player Lander joins the roster. Lander is the son of Aramendi who played at Palm Beach/Newport.

Vuelo is off the roster for the rest of 2021. He may return to play in 2022, however he will start his debut as a Magic City referee on Saturday, 9/11. Good luck to both Lander & Vuelo in their new endeavors!

Manuel will continue to judge pari-mutuel games but he will be playing in Doubles H2H Games as #60 Manny and be paired with Juice who was previously paired with RonRon. Manuel just finished playing at Calder Jai-Alai and was the wins leader.

RonRon’s injury (back & knee pain) is more severe than thought and he will not be returning to play in 2021, but is expected to return in 2022. SayHiLi wishes the best for RonRon and his family!

Lucky fans who are able to get to Magic City Jai-Alai to watch the H2H Singles Games on Saturday have a great opportunity to win the 6-Picks Promotion where winners of all 6-games split the $6,000 carryover. This is a one FREE shot at picking all of the 6-winners of the H2H matches and you must be present to win. The H2H games start at 5-pm.

Sunday pari-mutuel games have been discontinued to preserve players for H2H games. Magic City’s H2H games have led to new sports wagering opportunities on Jai-Alai which started with in the states of Iowa and Illinois in mid-August with more states to be added soon.

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