Magic City Trifecta Pools and Prices Off to a Great Start!

Sunday’s last game at Magic City had a Trifecta pool of $2,687.  That may not seem like a large number, however, it was the largest Trifecta pool for Magic City Fronton since 8/14/2022.  The Average Trifecta pool for the 8-games at Sunday’s matches was $2,052.

Not only are the Trifecta pools showing promise, but the Average $1.00 Trifecta payoff for the first 6-performances, 48-games, at the Magic City Fronton is a whopping $272.  Now the casual observer might say “so what” but let’s put these figures into modern day “Jai-Alai perspective.”  Let’s compare the first 48-games (6-performances) of the Magic City Fronton, now in their 6th year of pari-mutuel Jai-Alai wagering games, with the long-standing Dania Jai-Alai which opened 70-years ago.  Dania Jai-Alai recently operated a short meet from December 2022 through January 2023.

First 48-games Average Trifecta Handle:

  • Dania Average Trifecta Handle = $2,708 per game
  • Magic City Average Trifecta Handle = $1,831 per game

Dania Average Trifecta Handle (full meet Dec-Jan) = $3,405 per game

Magic City’s Sunday Trifecta handle of $2,687 in game 8 is less than a cheap steak dinner away from Dania’s Average Trifecta handle of $2,708 for their first 48-games.  Now I find that impressive!

First 48-games Average $1.00 Trifecta Payoffs:

  • Dania Average = $221 per game
  • Magic City Average = $272 per game

Magic City payoffs are trending 23% higher than Dania payoffs for the start of the meets.

Most Recent Full Meet Comparison on $1.00 Trifecta Payoffs:

  • Dania (full meet Dec ’22 thru Jan ’23, 450-games) = $229 per game
  • Magic City Fronton (2022, 904-games) = $229 per game

.  Note:  Both Magic City and Dania have the same 25% takeout rate for Trifecta pools.

Steve M (aka straymar)

Copyright 2020