Sizzlin’ Hot Magic City Fronton Pelota Action Today at 1:30-pm EST! 8-Exciting Games!

The Magic City Fronton pros take to the court for the Fall Meet of the 6th year of the Pelota games (aka Pari-Mutuel games) today with 8-games which start at 1:30-pm Eastern time. It seems like it’s been a long wait over the hot summer for the Pelota games to start again, however it’s only been a bit over 2-months since the last day of Pelota action on June 27th.

This should be an interesting day in many respects and after today’s 8-games many fan questions will be answered. Questions such as these:

Is Robin ready for a full slate of both singles and doubles games after being out for 11-months with a knee injury?

Will we get to see a back-flip from Juice? Has Iriondo continued improving? Will CRB pick-up where he left off?

How will the new doubles team Douglas-Tennessee fare?

And of course everyone wants to know: Will fan favorite the “Bearded Wonder” get a win today? He has tough posts 5 & 6 in early singles and El Barba is paired with Manu in doubles games 5 & 7, so a team win there is a definite possibility?

These are only a few questions and time will tell, but one thing I do know is that Magic City Fronton puts on a great show of short-court Jai-Alai talent and I wouldn’t miss it.

The 2023 Pelota Singles Championship continues where it left off: Goixerri leads with 29-wins followed by Benny with 27-wins, Nicolas is third with 26-wins while former roommates Anderluck & Douglas each have 25-wins, next most wins are CRB and Julen with 21-wins each.

Looking at percentage wins for singles games, Bradley leads for now with 33.3% but it’s only for 12-singles games played. Ignoring the Bradley stat for low games played, the Singles WIn % leader is Anderluck with 25.3% followed by Goixerri with 24.8% and Douglas is third with 21.4% wins. Keep in mind the singles championship is won by the player with the most singles wins.

The SayHiLi computer has been simulating games and the prediction of the two best win bets of the day are found in the early games: Bradley in game 1 and Julen in game 3

SayHiLi wishes the best for players in this Fall Meet and stay safe! Also, don’t forget about the Live Friday night Battle Court action at 7-pm when Fall Battle Court starts on September 8th.

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