Magic City Short-Meet Doubles Tournament Down to the Wire!

Sunday, April 17th marks the final day of the 2022 short-meet Pelota games Doubles Tournament and 5 of the 12 tournament teams are still in contention for first or second place prize money with only two doubles games remaining.  Tournament cash prizes are awarded to the top two teams with the most wins.

Currently, the team of Ikeda-Bradley with 9-wins has a 2-win lead over second place contenders Juice-Manu with 7-wins who have a shot at a tie for first should they win both games 5 and 7.  The teams of Carballo-Kubala and Jeden-Goixerri each have 6-wins and a shot at outright 2nd place should one of them win both games; or a possible tie for 2nd should they win one game.  Robin-Ben with 5-wins still have a shot at a tie for 2nd should they win both games 5 and 7.

Tuesday is the final day of the short 10-week Pelota game meet and even though this first doubles tournament of 2022 ends on Sunday, there will still be doubles games on Monday and Tuesday, however a few of the teams will feature different doubles pairings on those days.  There will be a short break in the exciting Jai-Alai action until the Magic City Jai-Alai Pelota and H2H games resume on Sunday, May 1st.

The table below shows the top teams in contention for the first 2022 Doubles Tournament, post numbers (PN) the teams are playing from for both doubles games 5 & 7 along with comments on their possible outcomes.  Should there be any ties, Magic City COO Scott Savin will be weighing in with the tie-breaker decisions.

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